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The Story Of Cosmetics :: Toxins In, Toxins Out - A Must Watch Video!

Yesterday Annie Leonard of The Story of Stuff released the short video The Story of Cosmetics and its been blazing around the blogosphere and Twitter like wild fire. If you wash your hair and body on a regular basis, or use any type of makeup or personal care product, this is a must-see! It's very easy to understand and only 7 minutes long.  Also, be sure to check out Annie's article on HuffPo about her movie that is turning into a movement.   

Its no surprise there's already backlash from the Personal Care Products Council (front group for big cosmetic companies).  Read more about that here: The Pot Calls The Kettle Black

I like Michael O'Heaney's reply:

""The Personal Care Products Council went so far as to issue a statement calling The Story of Cosmetics a “repugnant and absurd…shockumentary.” Whoa!

There’s a good reason the cosmetics industry doesn’t like all the attention it’s getting: for years, they’ve been largely left alone to decide what’s safe to put in their products. You know, things like lead in lipstick. Neurotoxins in body spray. Carcinogens in baby wash.

Now that’s repugnant!""

I couldn't agree more! 

What do you think of the The Story of Cosmetics?  Share your thoughts below!   

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