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New Sponsor :: My Natural + Organic Beauty Picks At Bella Floria!

If you haven't yet made your way over to Bella Floria I encourage you to get clicking!  Not only because they're one of our sponsors, but because I've liked them since they opened up shop last year and they continue to impress (which, let's face it - is sometimes very difficult to do) with the careful eye they have for ingredients and honest brands.  They've added new brands and are in the process of launching a new online magazine later this summer called Bella Floria Pure Living Magazine.  I had the pleasure of recently contributing a Greenwashed Beauty article so be sure to keep an eye out for that.  

Last year I shared with you the fabulous Kahina Giving Beauty skin care line and my favorite from the line is still the Kahina100% Argan Oil because its so effective and versatile. 

My super easy, yet amazing skin care regiment for the past few weeks has been:

1). Dr. Alkaitis Body Wash (washed face + body)

2). Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Serum

That's it!

My skin has been behaving amazingly well with just these two products - minimal breakouts & oil is in control!  If you're a regular F+S reader, you already know I love all things Dr. Alkaitis (and I'm pretty sure he's a true genius).  The packaging recently underwent a facelift, which is a big plus.  Be sure to check out Bella Floria Founder, Emelyn Rodriguez's interview with him here.  You can also find my interview with him & skin care review here.  I've been using Dr. Alkaitis Mascara & Eye Makeup Remover and its really great!  It thoroughly erases all eyeliner and mascara and doesn't irritate my eyes at all.   

I've been working long, often stressful hours lately and sometimes my mind has a difficult time shutting off at the end of the day.  The Nectar Organics Sleep Spray helps on nights like those. Aromatherapy Personal also helps with my personal faves, Stress Relief and Anxiety Relief.  These days, I don't hesitate to roll them on at the same time.  (Check out my review of the line here). 

I'm a lip gloss or balm girl and Perfect Organics Lip & Cheek Shimmer in 'Faz' is still one of my favorites for summer.  (Check out my review back in '08 here).

NVEY ECO Erase Concealer is one of our absolute faves (Check out our review here) since it is amazing at hiding dark under eye circles and it stays put. The NVEY ECO Bronzer is also another product that is a must-have for any season.

Christy Coleman recently gifted both of us with her fabulous organic cotton makeup bags and its just perfect.  A great big size to hold all of our organic beauty products.  Love the look and feel of it - the raw organic cotton feel + lotus blossom image. Find it at Bella Floria here.  Its a can't-live-without item for any green girl!

SAVE:  Get 15% off your order at Bella Floria with coupon code "FIGSAGE".  

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