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New Favorite :: Skin & Bones - Organic Face + Body Serum That Works GREAT + Smells DIVINE!!!

Its been awhile since something has really impressed me like this.  Sure, there are products I'm infatuated with, those I love and then there are those I want to enter into a committed relationship with.  Skin & Bones fits the latter for me.  I love everything about it - the name, the bottle, the smell, the performance and the fact that it is multi-purpose.  I use this stuff everywhere - face, hands, cuticles, hair, feet and elbows and as a perfume.

Ingredients: The short ingredient list is simple but deliberate, and took years for Heidi Jenkins, Skin & Bones Founder and Formulator, to perfect it.  Somehow the synergy of all of them together creates something truly special.  Certified organic jojoba oil is mixed with nine pure essential oil to create a scent that is a pleasure to the senses and a serum that heals and nourishes skin. With so much confusion these days with ingredient labels, this product gets back to basics while simultaneously providing a luxuriously therapeutic, natural beauty product.

Smell: The aroma is without question one of my favorites.  Its difficult for me to describe but its both sparkling and calming, bright and yet subdued, cheerful and contemplative.  And I'm not the only one who loves it.  My husband told me not long after I started to use it "I think this should be your smell" and each and every time I have it on my skin he says "you smell so good!".  When I've been asked by others "what are you wearing?", its fun to answer "Skin & Bones". 

Performance: What makes it so ideal is that is works with your own skin type.  Jojoba oil is one of the closest things to our own sebum, which means when applied it can provide what our skin is lacking, protect and absorb just like our natural body + facial oil.  If skin is dry, it hydrates.  If its too oily, it slows down oil production by providing what's necessary.  That kind of functionality is perfect because it can get you through any month.  Right now, during hot, humid summer months we don't want heavy creams or serums and this definitely is not any of those things.  It absorbs quickly and leaves behind only an intoxicating aroma and baby soft skin.

Packaging: All three sizes are housed in ultra dark violet glass bottles that look black unless held up to the light.  This helps preserve the ingredients and just looks cool. 

The bottom line is - I love this stuff in a big way and you should absolutely try it.  I have a feeling you'll fall head over heels for it too.  Sure, you could try the Travel Size first but I have no doubt you'll want to graduate to the full-size in no time at all.  Or better yet, you could buy the Large size and you'll get the Travel Size free!

I totally recommend Skin & Bones  In fact, I LOVE IT (no joke)!!!

You can find it at for $15 for the travel size, $40 for the 3.4 oz or $75 for the 6.7 oz bottle.

Want to know more??  Keeping reading...

I recently had the opportunity to ask Heidi Jenkins (Founder) more about Skin & Bones:

F+S: Who makes your product?  Is it made in-house or do you outsource production?   

Heidi: We hand pour Skin & Bones in-house.

F+S: Where do you source your organic jojoba oil and essential oils from?   

Heidi: Organic jojoba comes out of Arizona and our therapeutic essential oils are sourced out of Utah - the essential oils are tested with Gas Chromatography and Spectrometry or GC/MS testing, which means they test which molecules are present in a sample and check them against a recognized standard. Through this testing, they find any impurities or chemical fertilizers, and discover whether or not the oils have been diluted in any way. They only sell 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

F+S: Do you require copies of organic certification from your suppliers?  

Heidi: Yes - we have certifications from our jojoba source and our essential oil source has their documents in-house.

F+S: Is there any skin type you wouldn't recommend Skin & Bones for?   

Heidi: No - we recommend it to people with dry skin, oily skin, acne, eczema, overly-treated skin, Botox users, babies, children, sunburns, men, after shave, and we have people tell us it works on their pets hot spots (not kidding), and as a hair treatment or for blow outs.  It really is a multi-purpose moisturizer that we made for that reason - it is overwhelming to try and mix all of the brands and different types of lotions out there so we are taking skin care back to the basics.  We are also launching a soap soon.

Disclosure: sent us the product in this review for the purpose of an honest and candid assessment though by doing so did not alter our opinion or experience of them. We are not paid for our reviews. To learn more about our stringent review criteria click is one of our affiliate sponsors.  If you make a purchase using one of the links in this post, we will receive a small commission.

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