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The Little Seed Launches At Target With Bright + Affordable Organic Baby Wear For A Limited Time

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Last year when I was in LA, I cruised over to Soleil Moon Frye's The Little Seed store on Larchmont Blvd in hopes to buy some gifts for the newest member of the family, my sweet niece who happens to wear bright colors very well.  Thanks to LA traffic, I didn't arrive until after they closed, but I did peak in the windows.  

As one of their blog followers, I discovered at the end of June that they were going to be launching The Little Seed organic baby line in Target across the US.  Budget-conscious moms will be pleased to know they can pick up a 100% organic cotton onesie or pants for $7.99 or $12.99 for a reversible hooded towel all in bright +  happy colors.  The vision behind the bold colors was a candy store feel where sheer cuteness could be obtained by layering pieces in different colors.  It was so important to founders, Soleil and Paige to make organic accessible to the masses so price was a big concern for them, as was low waste, plastic-free packaging.  

Have you spotted these yet in your local Target store?? 

+ Find The Little Seed for Target online here or in stores for a limited time (July 4 - October 14, 2010).

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