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If I Lived In Finland I'd Be A Regular At SIS. DELI+CAFE Organic Coffee House + Market

I don't know if I've seen a more stylish coffee house in all my life.  I like how the colorful produce + fresh smoothies pop in a sea of black + white.  The coordinated awning, bags and cups are just perfect. Find SIS. DELI+CAFE here

I recently discovered a fabulous new food + living blog, Sparkling Ink based in Finland, whilst reading another one of my daily reads, Lolalina.  The author of Sparkling Ink clued me into her favorite Finnish coffee house in her guest post:

"This coffee house is my favorite for its gorgeous organic food, lovely owners, not to forget about their stylish visual identity."

Be sure to check both blogs out if you haven't already!

Photo credits: {here}

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