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Cascade Ice USDA Certified Organic Sparkling Water Is A Summertime Favorite!

I was in my local grocery store (Kroger) last week and spotted these on sale for $1 so I bought a few.  This past 4th of July weekend we tried them out and they were entirely refreshing when chilled, over ice on those hot and humid days!  I enjoyed Citrus Twist while my man liked Mixed Berry.  Definitely a great alternative to soda or if you're just bored of plain 'ol water.  And they're Sodium Free, Caffeine Free, Sugar Free, Carb Free too!  Gotta love that. 

Good to know: Of course water isn't organic (because it isn't grown) but its the certified organic fruit flavors in these beverages that qualifies them for USDA Organic Certification.  "USDA Certified Organic" means that at least 95% of the product is organic, however that rule doesn't apply to water or salt, so in this case the actual organic content is very minimal since beverages are mostly made of water.   

Have you seen these in your local store or have you tried them??

Check out Cascade Ice's USDA Certified Organic Sparkling Water here

Photo courtesy of Cascade Ice

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