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Ty and Lumi Organics :: Oeko-Tex Certified Baby Bedding For the Modern Family

I am picky. Discerning. Hard to please. Whatever you want to call it.

This is no secret to the people who know me in real life. I've always been this way. Even though my pocketbook has never explained why I prefer the finer things in life, I have always been able to see the value in buying something that will actually stand the test of time while looking good in the process. Then if you go and add things like 'certified organic', 'fair trade' and 'different-from-all-the-other-things-out-there''re sure to have my attention.

ty and lumi organics has it. For sure.
I know, without a doubt, that these adorable pieces {designed, printed and made in Vancouver, Canada} are not your typical baby bedding find. In fact, I was forced into testing the quality of the fabric when an ink pen exploded all over the load of laundry that had my new ty and lumi (formerly Snug As a Bug Organics) bedding pieces in it. I was devastated, to say the least, and I tried every method to extract those black splotches from the duvet cover and fitted sheet I was so anxious to put in my little lady's crib. I had no other choice but to wash them several times with the hottest water possible. I thought for sure my recent acquisitions would be ruined. To my surprise and delight, I was wrong! After drying them and placing them on the crib, I realized that I had in my possession, some of the finest materials available in baby bedding. They still looked fabulous!

So, now that we've established that ty and lumi makes some impressively sturdy bedding, let's talk about how it looks! Like I said, this is not your typical crib decor, and that's another reason why I love it. Every time I take the babe to the crib for a nap, I feel a little happier seeing her in such a beautiful bed. We have the fuchsia fitted sheet (which is still incredibly soft) and the Little Bit of Whimsy duvet cover. All of the ty and lumi prints are unique and modern, yet still very fitting for a nursery. The exclusive prints are silk-screened using water-based dyes and, of course, are made of certified organic cotton.

As a parent, I gladly welcome any fresh ideas when it comes to outfitting the next generation in style and safety. That is exactly what ty and lumi has done in a big, yet simple way.

Disclosure: Ty and Lumi Organics sent us the products in this review for the purpose of an honest and candid review though by doing so did not alter our opinion or experience of them. We are not paid for our reviews. To learn more about our stringent review criteria click here.

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