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Review :: Loving My Marie Veronique Organics Skin Care Regimen

Former chemistry teacher, Marie Veronique Nadeau began making skin care products in her Northern California kitchen back in 2003 with a goal of creating highly effective, non-toxic, anti-aging products.  Now, years later she has an impressive selection of products that prove effectiveness can be accomplished with natural, non-toxic and organic ingredients - the key is potency and complementary formulations.  From  Anti-Aging to Acne-Relief products, she has womens skin care needs covered.  Perhaps you've seen some of the products featured in Marie Claire, Natural Solutions or my new fave, Lonny magazine, but today I'm sharing my personal results with you.  I used the following four products exclusively for three consecutive weeks.  Here is my experience:


Marie Veronique Gentle Cleanser $30: An interesting liquidy (I know its not a word, but I use it), translucent, green gel cleanser with dark green specs. Honestly, I didn't know what to make of it at first.  I've never seen or smelled a cleanser like it, but after using it just once my skin confirmed it was a keeper.  The aroma reminds me of what it smells like when you break open a plant, namely a fresh aloe plant; then mix in  some essential oils and you have the smell of this cleanser.  But enough with the scent, this stuff is great!  I can see how this would make a wonderful cleanser for all skin types.  It leaves behind fresh skin that feels cleansed but not stripped, hydrated but not oily.  It may be strange for some, because it doesn't foam at all - but I got over the non-foaming cleanser thing awhile ago.  You definitely don't need bubbles to get clean! 

Marie Veronique Anti-Aging Mist $35: I like the pleasant misting action and refreshing spritz this provides.  Definitely welcomed on hot summer days.  This is a really nice base for moisturizer or serum, but sometimes my regiment stops here when I want to keep things really basic.  Neroli is the dominant scent in this.

Marie Veronique Anti-Aging Oil $70: This is my FAVORITE of everything I used.  This is a fantastic facial oil and quite honestly, I couldn't wait to use it each day and night.  You know the kind - products that you look forward to using because they just feel so good and make you look good too.  Well, this is one of them!  It meets all my criteria: non-greasy yet hydrating and makes me skin look and feel great?!? Check. Helped reduce stubborn red scars that wouldn't go away since the last couple product regiments didn't cut it and actually made my skin worse.  Double check.  *LOVE*

*See coupon code at the end of this post to score a free sample of this Anti-Aging Oil with purchase!

Marie Veronique Organics Moisturizing Face Screen SPF 30 $40: The smell of this is not my favorite.  Smell very medicinal to me, which may be an immediate turn-off for some, but the good news is that it goes away after I apply it.  I really like the lightweight, natural-looking coverage and I quickly got over the smell after I noticed the way it looked and felt on my skin. It just looks like my own skin just a little more evened out and fresh.  Light hydration with a sheer finish.  A wonderful product for summer if you can get beyond the initial aroma (yes, I believe you can).

Marie Veronique Nadeau

These are not your typical ingredient decks.  With a glance you'll discover they're packed with highly nourishing, specialized, yet safe ingredients such as  Resveratrol from grape skins, SOD (superoxide dismutase) from melon extract, blackberry seed oil, acai oil, broccoli seed oil, argan oil, marula oil, alpha lipoic acid and glucosamine, as an example.  Waxes are not used in any of the products because they can clog pores and sit on the outside of the skin.  You won't find any nut oils either since they can quickly turn rancid. 

When I probed about why they don't annotate organic ingredients with an asterisk on their labels, like most do, they indicated that they don't because they are a small-batch company and they carefully source each of their ingredients - buying locally and organically when possible.  There is a chance that one ingredient may be an organic version one month and a non-organic version the next due to their careful selection process.  Personally, if the name of the company has "organics" in it, I want to be assured that I'm buying something that has a very large organic content each and every time I buy it, but I can also understand this situation, and I like how my skin reacted to the products.  I like what I see and don't see in the ingredient listings - organic or not.  What was really cool, was after all my questions about their ingredients, they understood my concern from a consumer's perspective and created this special page on their website just for conscious consumers such as myself: Intelligent Ingredients; so we'd be able to clearly identify which ingredients are organic, vegan, fair trade and local and which products they are used in.  Love it!  I so appreciate receptive companies who welcome feedback and really listen.  {Many thanks to MVO for doing that!


Housed in lovely, 100% recyclable, dark brown apothecary-esque glass jars to help preserve the freshness and maintain the purity of the ingredients, Marie Veronique Organics labels are also completely biodegradable. {They recently gave their packaging a makeover and I think it is a great improvement!}.

Giving Back:

10% of profits are donated to The Acumen Fund which creates better opportunities for women and children in Third World countries.

The Verdict:

I like things that look good, work and make me look good.  And who doesn't, really?  Marie Veronique Organics' skin care regimen fits the bill. Its powerful and potent "herbal medicine" for the skin and my skin responded really well to it.  You know the feeling - a fresh, clear face that gives you confidence and makes you want to (or actually) sing "cause you make me feel like a natur-al woman...WOMAN!" in the bathroom like a cheesy commercial.  I know its a really wonderful line when I wish it weren't the end of the bottle and want to keep using it instead of moving on to the next product line to put to the test.  My advice? Buy one of the Travel Kits and see for yourself.  I have no doubt you'll be graduating to larger sizes shortly thereafter.  I definitely recommend it.  


Use coupon code figandsage and get a free 1/4 oz Anti-Aging Oil (my favorite), a $20 value, when you purchase a full-size Moisturizing Face Screen Plus.  

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Disclosure: MV Organics sent us the products in this review for the purpose of an honest and candid assessment though by doing so did not alter our opinion or experience of them. We are not paid for our reviews. To learn more about our stringent review criteria click here.

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