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New Favorite Natural Makeup :: Vapour Organic Beauty Review

Time flies when you're loving the products you're using!  I caught wind of Vapour Organic Beauty last August when I watched Intelligent Nutrients on ShopNBC and noticed that a new-to-the-beauty-scene brand called "Vapour Organic Beauty" was also being featured.  Soon thereafter, the lovely people at Vapour Organic Beauty sent us a huge box full of organic beauty treats to put to the test. It was like an early Christmas! 

I'm a fan of looking natural.  Sure, there are those days and nights that I get made up and want a little something extra - a smoky eye here, a shimmer there.  I definitely shy away from a heavily painted masked look.  What most amazes about the Vapour Organic Beauty line is that its not a powder nor a liquid and I find it to a perfect consistency.  I never fully jumped on the mineral makeup craze because a). I don't like looking powdery and dry and think it tends to make you look older than you really are, b). I hate the mess it makes and c). its a total pain to apply it on the go (I can't tell you how many spills have happened...ugh).  There's nothing like this on the organic beauty scene and my skin absolutely loves it!!  Everything is in roll-up stick form (except the lip glosses) and I like that its entirely easy to throw them in my bag and use quickly, even with one hand when necessary.

I've been using the products for the past 5 months and I love the majority of the line.

The Review

Illusionist Concealer: Others I've tried are too dry and some too moist.  This is juuust right!  I use it underneath my eyes, on the top of my lids or over any redness (i.e. nose creases).  Its a great base for eye makeup and it does wonders at covering up dark under eye circles.  I'm using the #010 color.

Stratus Instant Skin Perfector: I have coined this "pore spackle".  I have large pores on the "apple" of my cheeks and I'm self-conscious about them.  This product is so silky smooth it glides ride over skin and makes my pores almost disappear which I love. Good for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and scars too.  A great makeup base and the fruity (apple?) smell is nice too!  Large chunky tube makes application a breeze. 

Atmosphere Luminous Foundation: Produces a beautiful luminescent sheen with natural-looking coverage.  Hydrates with skin-friendly botanical oils providing a healthy glow with the help of mineral pigments.  This also has a pleasant fruit aroma and is housed in a chunky roll-on stick for application that can't get any easier.  The color I use is #120.  I was also sent #150 which is for dark skin, but since I don't have dark skin I've been using it on top of the #120 foundation as a bronzer - just dabbing it on checkbones, temples and down the bridge of my nose and I love it.  Gives fabulous sun-kissed color!  They do have a bronzer (that was launched after we were sent our product samples) but I haven't used it.  You can find it here

Aura Multi Use Blush: This may just be my favorite blush to date.  I've tried some that disappear too quickly and others that just weren't the right shade.  'Torch' for me is a perfect color (I've also used 'Crush', but its a bit too light for me - may work better for ultra pale skin and/or teens).  Just a small dab does the job so I imagine this may just last many more months.  This also doubles for a lipstick and its a great color on lips as well as cheeks.  Torch is also featured in the May '10 issue of Lucky Magazine as a great way to get "perfect springy, freshness". 

Mesmerize Eye Color:  I love these little tubes of color and have been using several of the colors.  'Storm' #604 is perfect if a dramatic smokey eye is what you're after.  'Flash' #602 is my daytime eyelid color, a nice cocoa color and 'Smolder' #605 is my standard night time eyelid color, a deep espresso brown.  I'm also using 'Charm' #601 but not for the eyes. Its a peachy-pink color that doesn't work for me on the eyes, but instead I like to use it on my lips when I'm going for a minimal, no fuss look.   

Trick Stick: This product is too subtle and too glittery for me and it didn't perform any tricks or make a big impression on me.  I used both Luster #701 (light pink) and Dazzle #702 (light peach). 

Elixir Lip gloss: I really like the slippery feel and color from these lip glosses but I'm disappointed to report that they leave me lips feeling dry, which is the exact opposite of what a lip product should do.  I'm still using them, but what I do is apply a good lip balm first and then apply the gloss over it to try to prevent dehydrated smackers.  My fave colors are 'Sultry' #302 and 'Hush' #301 (a barely pink, semi-nude). I also tried 'Enigma' #305 but found it too "berry-licious" for me personally; I imagine it would get more use in a teen's makeup bag.

Siren Lipstick: We received 'Hint' #402 and I like the way it covers and that its densely pigmented.  Lasts much longer than the lip gloss. A nice shade of pink.

USDA Certified Organic Lux Lip Conditioner: A great lip balm that's completely hydrating sans greasy.  I like that its housed in a lipstick twist-up tube, a bit more classy than your run-of-the-mill standard lip balm tube.  What's even better is that it contains 95% organic ingredients selected specifically to give you a healthy and hydrated kisser. 

Final Thoughts

I really love, love, love the majority of the line and wholeheartedly recommend the products I tried above with the exception of the Trick Stick and Lip Glosses (they're not bad, but there's still room for improvement).  Overall these expertly created beauty products are in a league of their own and have the beauty brains to prove it courtesy of Eric Sakas (who has been working in the beauty industry for the last 15 years with some of the largest beauty brands on the planet).  I'm happy with the healthy, fresh glow they provide and the coverage they give all while looking like you're own skin.

The packaging for me was slightly problematic in that a few of the twist up tubes either became stuck (would not roll up or down anymore).  Its evident they spent the bulk of their funds on ingredients rather than the packaging (which is fine with me, since its usually the other way around). The good news is that I'm told they are already working on 2.0 packaging so I'm looking forward to that.

If you've been searching for a natural makeup line that gives you the results you want without having to sacrifice performance or health, check out Vapour Organic Beauty

Check out these gorgeous before and after photos of using nothing but Vapour Organic Beauty products.

Have you tried any of the products from this line??  What do you think??  

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