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speesees introduces super cute new organic cotton baby + kids Earth Day tees + 15% off coupon code

I absolutely love speesees organic cotton clothes for baby + kids! Truly love, love!  I just spotted their new Earth Tees inspired from 1970s Swiss designs and they couldn't be any cuter.  Have you seen them?  If not, you can scope out the three designs here, here and here.

They also just introduced four new art woodprints which would be entirely adorable on your child's bedroom wall:

There is a bunch of stuff on sale right now this month so be sure to check it out if you're a speesees fan too!

speesees has recently teamed up with to allow all you new or expecting mamas to add all the speesees pieces you'd like to your registry so that others know to buy them for you!  

If you want to buy anything at, feel free to use our 15% off coupon code bubblegumalley (no expiration date). 

Disclosure: speesees is one of our fabulous sponsors.  If you'd like to become a Fig+Sage sponsor, please contact us and we'll chat it up! 

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