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Review :: Zkano - My New Favorite Organic Cotton Workout Socks

Just because its organic doesn't mean its good.  Its true. It applies to socks, among other things.  I've tried several organic cotton sock varieties that were a total fail in the comfort department.  Socks are functional and the majority of us need them but why is it so difficult to find a a good pair of the organic variety??  I have tried to find plain organic socks for working out or taking the dogs for a walk and I just haven't found any that were both comfortable and organic.  Until now! 

Enter Zkano, a new company founded by Gina Locklear, daughter of sock gurus, that's dedicated to two things: supporting organic agriculture and socks that feel good.  Those are two things I can definitely get on board with - so they got my attention.  No more of this super thin, loosely woven sock business where I can feel the individual threads digging into the bottoms of my feet with every step.  No thank you.  I'll pass. Zkano socks are not "they're good for organic socks" socks; organic or not, these are really well made and totally comfortable (which hasn't been my experience with other shall-not-be-named organic socks).     

Zkano sent me three pairs to try: their Ridge Organic Cotton No Show Socks With Heel Tab $7 (in bleached and unbleached organic cotton - how nice to have that option BTW!) and Tempo Organic Cotton Sport Crew Socks $7.50. Love. each. one.  They've already proved to withstand many wash and dry cycles and still look just as good as the day I got them.  I feel good knowing they're made in the U.S. with cotton grown without the use of toxic pesticides and herbicides. 

They're simple, they're effective, and Zkano totally nailed it in the sock department. These are my new favorite workout socks.  Better for the planet, better for our health, better for our feet!!

Fun fact: We're both sock snobs aficionados and one of us (the other, younger but taller sister) used to work in a very cool boutique dedicated to all things socks called The Sock Drawer.  We could probably talk socks until the grass fed cows come home. 

Disclosure: Zkano sent us the products in this review for the purpose of an honest and candid review though by doing so did not alter our opinion or experience of them.  To learn more about our stringent review criteria click here.

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