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Review :: Dr. Alkaitis Organic Enzyme Exfoliating Facial Mask - Spa At Home

Some facial masks do absolutely nothing for me.  My skin doesn't feel or look different.  But that's not the case with  Dr. Alkaitis' Organic Enzyme Exfoliating Facial Mask.  Its so versatile since its good for pretty much all skin types: sensitive skin, acne and troubled skin conditions, normal, dry and oily skin.  Its absolutely perfect to use anytime of the year, but I was especially craving it a couple days ago when I felt like I needed to slough off dry and dead Winter skin (lovely, I know) and say hello to smooth and fresh Spring skin.  

This mask is so easy - just mix 1 teaspoon with some pure water to make a paste and then gently apply to skin.  Something a bit different about this mask, compared to others, is that you should not let it dry.  You need to keep spritzing it with water to ensure it remains active and it should stay on for only 7-10 minutes.
One of the best ways to apply this mask is while you're in the bath because the steam will help keep it moist and your pores will be open for cleansing.  7 minutes goes by in a flash so be sure you don't fall asleep in there.  Simply remove the mask very gently with a warm, damp washcloth.  When you get out and dry off you'll be surprised how smooth your skin feels.  The next day when you wake up, you'll likely find a smooth and more clear complexion like I did.

If you feel like baths and masks are a luxury that you don't have time for, remember that you are worth it and you can take care of others better if you first take care of yourself.  Consider scheduling (yes, put the dates on your calender in advance) a date with yourself for at least 1 hour 2 times a month.  Get someone to watch the kids, light some non-toxic candles, grab a book, fill your tub, add some essential oils to the hot water, get in and apply a facial mask.  You'll undoubtedly feel more relaxed and rejuvenated and its a whole lot cheaper than a trip to the spa! 

To learn more about this mask and how to use it: click over to the Dr. Alkaitis blog here.

To buy, click here.

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