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Review :: Blackbird Naturals Raw Vegan Organic Fudge Cacao Truffles - A Guilt-Free Indulgence

I just received 10 Raw Vegan Organic Chocolate Truffles from Blackbird Naturals in the mail yesterday and my oh my, they are so delicious and gone!!

Blackbirds Natural is a brand new company founded by three friends and healthy organic food enthusiasts Raw Model Anthony Anderson, Alexandra Maw and Andrea Saab.  These truffles are handmade fresh to order and contain only six organic, healthy, raw ingredients.  What I find really amazing is that they don't contain ANY added sweeteners (like sugar, agave or honey), the ONLY thing that makes them sweet is organic dates. And I love that they list an expiration date that is only two weeks from the date they arrive because they are so fresh.

As you might remember, I've been avoiding refined sugar since New Years Day because I am a recovering refined sugar addict and I know its not good for my body or my skin.  Sugary treats make me feel terrible, make me lethargic, make me gain weight, make me irritable and make my skin breakout.  And the more I consume, the more addicted I become (which is why I consider refined sugar a drug).  So like any recovering addict, its best if I stay far, far away from it.

5 cacao nibs covered truffles + 5 pistachio covered truffles
$20 (includes shipping)

These sweet treats are a totally guilt-free indulgence.  Not that I recommend inhaling a whole package of them - but if you do, you probably won't feel gross or have an intense sugar crash like you would if you consumed 10 regular truffles....ahem, not that I would know. 

These are great when enjoyed chilled, so moist and soft.  I really can't decide which ones I like more.  I received 5 pistachio-covered truffles and 5 cacao nibs-covered truffles and I think I like them both equally.  I opted for the organic coconut oil version but they do offer a grass-fed butter option as well.  These are entirely delicious and would make an awesome gift for yourself or someone you love.  

{Watch video of founder discussing his new truffles here}

Whenever I think of Blackbird Naturals, I can't help but be reminded of the Sarah McLachlan concert I went to years ago at the The Pond in Anaheim, California.  Her encore included singing Blackbird (originally by The Beatles) and it was wonderful.  I just love that song!  Click here to watch the video

Photo credit: me + my camera

Disclosure: Blackbird Naturals sent us the product reviewed in this article, although it in no way altered my opinion of the product.  To learn more about our stringent review criteria, please click here.  To advertise with Fig+Sage, please contact us!

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