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Reader Survey :: How Can We Make Fig+Sage More Useful To You?

For over two years we've dispensed a lot of information here, but today we're turning the tables and asking one question of you:   

How can we improve Fig+Sage?  

Here are some ideas to consider: 
  • Topics – are there topics (specific or general) you’d like covered in the coming months?
  • Types of Posts - reader questions, short tips, interviews, giveaways, breaking news, ingredient spotlight, beauty, health, fashion, kids, home, pets…. tell us what you’d like most/least
  • Posting Frequency – too many posts, not enough, just right?
  • Blog Features – what would make your Fig+Sage experience better?  what is here that you like and what don't you like, is there anything that doesn't work for you (links, pages, etc)?
  • Community – do you feel you connect well with other readers? Are there features that you’d like added to help connect more?  i.e. a forum to ask & answer questions of like-minded readers?
  • What frustrates you about Fig+Sage? What is Best about it?
  • Other Ideas and Feedback – anything goes, big or little.
If you could take just a moment (or several, its up to you) to post a comment with your thoughts and ideas, we'd be so grateful!  Your opinion matters!  All we ask is that you are courteous and constructive in your answer.  And though we may not be able to comment on every single comment left (though we'll try to), we promise to read every single comment left.  

Thank you so very much!



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