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Fig+Sage On Live Radio At 4pm PST / 7pm EST TONIGHT Wednesday, April 14th Discussing Green Beauty

You don't want to miss this!!  Tonight, April 14th, The Nature Of Beauty launches their new weekly talkcast radio show "The Nature Of Beauty Live" and I'm excited to be one of their first guests!  Join me, Liz Thompson of Organic Beauty Source and host Terri Bly, President of The Nature Of Beauty on the air live from 7:00-8:00  p.m. EST this evening while we discuss Green Beauty.  Call by phone or click in via computer while we chat it up and even ask your own questions on the call or via online chat (its a good idea to sign up beforehand if you're interested in the online chat portion).  

I know you all have questions because we get many emails asking us this and that regarding natural beauty.  Well, now's your chance to ask your questions live or just put your phone on speakerphone and listen in while you drive home from work or get ready for dinner. 

Some of the things we'll chat about:

1). Why we personally made the switch to natural and organic beauty products.  

2). Performance of natural and organic vs. conventional beauty products.

3). Pros and cons of green beauty going mainstream.       

4). Where we see the green beauty industry headed.

Won't you join us?!  This will be fun!!

Click here to get the info and join the call.  

Note: The Nature Of Beauty is one of our sponsors this month. 

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