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What To Make :: My Simple Organic Asian Tofu Spinach Salad Recipe

Don't you love when you feel like there's nothing in the house to eat, but you pull what you do have out of the fridge and cupboards only to create a totally satisfying and utterly delicious meal?!  It wasn't deliberate - it was just supposed to be filling and healthy, but I'm definitely making this again.  Its good enough that I thought I should share it with you.  I didn't measure anything - just threw it all in a bowl and tossed.  It couldn't be easier!

Organic Asian Tofu Spinach Salad
Serves: 1

+ A couple big handfuls of fresh organic spinach

+ 1/2 package of Soy Deli Honey Sesame Tofu (sauteed a bit)

+ 1/2 cup leftover Lundberg Organic Short Grain Brown Rice (re-heated)

+ 4 Tablespoons sliced Almonds (sauteed with organic olive oil so they get nice and crispy)

Annie's Naturals Sesame Ginger Dressing (to taste)

I tossed all of this in a bowl and enjoyed with a large, ice-cold glass of Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea - delish!

Note: Next time I'm going to add fresh carrots and red peppers for more color and variety.

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