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This Just In :: Bloom Organics Certified Organic Australian Skincare To Launch April 2010

 photo credit: sassisam

This morning Natalie Bloom, founder of the popular Australian-based makeup brand, Bloom Cosmetics, introduced her brand new organic skin care range to a small group of press and industry insiders which boasts 19 products, 16 of which are Certified Organic. ACO (Australian Certified Organic) is much like the USDA Certified Organic personal care standard in which 95% of the product's ingredients must be organic.  According to Bloom the other 3 non-certified products like the hand and body wash contain at least 80% organic content.  The line is comprised of Organic All Purpose Body Balm, Soothing Lip Balm, Bar Soap, Body Oil, Body Balm, Body Wash and Certified Organic Essential oils among others.

Photo credit: Bella Sugar

According to Bloom, her line has been several years in the making and for her family organic is just a way of life (her husband apparently does all the shopping + cooking and insist on healthy, organic fare).  "The range isn’t such a stretch, given that Bloom began as a selection of essential oils before snowballing into a full cosmetics line. “It’s about going back to where the brand began. It seems natural,” she says. In every sense, really." - according to How Big Is Your Eco who attended the intimate launch party earlier today.   

photo credit: The Design Files

Don't you just love when great ingredients are housed in great packaging??  The vegetable-ink printed, eco-friendly packaging is fresh + feminine and its no surprise aesthetic was important to Bloom with her new venture, a former graphic designer.  For more photos of the line, today's event, product available and pricing click here.

April 1, 2010 Update: Bloom Organics just launched today.  You can check out the entire product line by click right here.

Note: I haven't seen the ingredient lists for this line yet, however if you'd like to learn more about the stringent criteria of the Australian Certified Organic standards for personal care click here

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