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Review :: Soapwalla Deodorant Cream Contains Organic Ingredients Is All-Natural + It Totally Works!!

I know many of you struggle to find an effective natural deodorant to banish underarm odor and its no fault of your own.  Its not exactly easy to find such a product and since we all have different body chemistry what might work for one may not work for another and we all have different variations of stinky-ness.  I know - I've been there.  I've tried many and the truth is, the majority of natural or organic deodorants just don't work well.

I've been using this Deodorant Cream from Soapwalla Kitchen for the past week and its awesome!  Just a little goes a long way and sometimes I'll hit mid-morning before I realize I didn't apply any because my pits aren't moist or stinky!  I smell absolutely NO odor, not even a hint.  Its not like a standard liquid roll-on or stick variety, its a thick pot of all-natural cream that you dab your finger into and massage into your arm pits.  A blend of organic jojoba, rosehip seed oil, natural vegetable powders and clays, baking soda and essential oils neutralize odor for hours and hours (in my case much longer than 24 hrs).

To be very honest, for the most part I use a natural deodorant but on occasion, if I have an important business meeting with a client or a night out on the town, I sometimes will use an anti-perspirant because let's face it - who wants to get close to someone who has B.O.??  Not me!  With many natural deodorants, they are okay and semi-effective and I've used many where I have to re-apply throughout the day and if you're sweating like crazy, deodorant doesn't usually help with the wetness factor.  Surprisingly, this is taking care of both issues.  Now, I haven't put this to the test in the middle of a Midwest summer but you can believe I'm going to!

Three words: Love. this. stuff.

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Have you found a natural / organic deodorant that actually works or are you still struggling to find the 'right' one??? 

Disclosure: Soapwalla Kitchen sent us the sample size deodorant mentioned in this post for an honest and candid review although it in no way altered our opinion of the products.  After one week of consistent use and great results - I purchased the full size jar.  Click here to learn more about our review criteria. 

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