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Review :: Olympic Premium Environmentally-Preferred No-VOC Interior Latex Paint + My Home Office Makeover Phase 1

 My home office inspiration photo

Maybe its the anticipation of Spring or that I needed a change of scenery in the one room I spend most of my time - or both.  I'm smack dab in the middle of my home office makeover and I'm so excited about it!  Its been a semi-slow process.  Last month I created an Inspiration/Vision Board, which I highly recommend for anyone who is renovating their space or life.  Its amazing how putting your thoughts, dreams and ideas together in one place and then consistently looking at it and adding to it can actually help make it reality.

Next I picked the paint color which wasn't entirely easy.  I pulled several paint swatches at Lowes one day, picking my favorite of the three and then buying a gallon of it, which wasn't the best way to do it.  But I learned my lesson.  It was a bummer but there was no way I was going to paint my walls the wrong color and live with it just to save 21 bucks.  Instead I bought a few different Benjamin Moore and Pittsburg Paints samples and then headed over to one of my favorite home design blogs, Young House Love to check out their oh-so-helpful Picking The Perfect Paint color post for recommendations.  6 different colors of paint and 1 patchwork-painted office wall was all necessary to pick the right color for my space.  (FYI: Lowes sells sample 8 oz paints for $2.94 and they'll color match too! Menards sells 2 oz sample Pittsburg Paints paints for $2.98).  I looked at these painted rectangles (below) morning, noon and night to see how the color responded to different light/times of the day, which is now how I highly recommend you pick a paint color. (Having an Interior Designer/Artist/Art Professor friend to help is a good way too!).  

Forget taping up those tiny paint swatches on the wall. 
You don't get a real feel for the color unless you see it 
in all its glory at different times of the day.
Photo credit: Me + my camera

This process was definitely necessary and well worth it because though I'm going with "lavender" on the walls there are so many shades of it, from gray to blue and pink  I didn't want a color that looked like it should be in a little girl's room.  After my exhaustive research I finally found my color: Benjamin Moore's "Iced Lavender" (thanks to Young House Love's recommendation and my friend who confirmed it) which I had color-matched at Lowe's and mixed up in Olympic Premium No-VOC Interior Latex paint (I choose an Eggshell finish).  I went with Olympic Premium upon the recommendation of my friends who own a fine arts gallery and its the paint they use whenever they re-paint (which is fairly often) their walls and they had nothing but great things to say about it.  The coverage is great and I love that it is a Zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint, which means its less toxic and doesn't have that outrageous new paint smell, in fact, I didn't smell it at all which is a huge bonus in my book.  When I've painted rooms in the past with standard stinky paint, I usually feel physically terrible afterward.  Totally different story with this!  I love it - this is my new favorite paint!  And its a great deal at just $20.47 a gallon, especially since you can take any color swatch of any other brand and they'll color match it for you.  In fact, Lowe's has many of the other brand's paint color combinations in their computer and my "Iced Lavender" was already in there so it was really easy for them to whip it up for me.

. Benjamin Moore Iced Lavender 1410

Photo credit: Color swatch from

Very similar to the color of my walls now. 

Two fresh coats are now up on my walls and now I just need to finish cutting in and paint the trim before I start moving new furniture in and then time to decorate!   I firmly believe that your space can have a great impact on your mood and if you're in need of some inspiration or just a scene change - think about redecorating, even if that just means a fresh coat of paint in a color you love.  For the cost of skipping a couple lunches out, you can totally transform your space with a can of high quality paint.  It can make a world of difference.  Even though my office is pretty much empty at the moment, I absolutely love walking in there and seeing that color.  So refreshing, yet so very peaceful. 

Halfway through painting. 
Photo credit: Me + my camera

Check out the Bio Pulp Works paint tray I found at Lowes for $3
Made of 100% post consumer recycled waste! 

There are other No-VOC paint brands out there like Mythic, Yolo, Pittsburg Paints Pure Performance, Benjamin Moore Natura and Sherwin Williams Harmony.  Have you tried any of them?  If so, what did you think?

Are you feeling the need to rejuvenate your space or are you already in the process like I am?  I'd love to hear which room you're working on (or want to) and what your plans are!! 



Breaking paint news: I've just been informed by the lovely Making It Lovely blog that Martha Stewart has just launched a new line of paint colors at The Home Depot and they are now in stock!  I guess Martha Stewart replaced Ralph Lauren paint.  I know where I'll be headed to get some inspiration for my master bedroom paint colors! Click here for press release with more info.

Important note: Benjamin Moore has both "Iced Lavender" and "Lavender Ice" paint colors.  I bought samples of both and in my space, Lavender Ice looks really pink even though it is the color used in my inspiration photo found in Real Simple magazine (click here for article).   

Good to know: To learn more about why VOCs are something to avoid, click here

Paint for free: Check out the giveaway over at High-Heeled Foot in the Door blog where they're giving away 3 gallons of Olympic Premium paint. must enter by this Sunday, March 7, 2010!!!

Disclosure: We were not been paid for this endorsement, nor were we supplied with any of the product(s) mentioned.  We paid for all of the paint and supplies used and are passing along this gem of info to all of you, our lovely readers because we're nice like that.  

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