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Review :: Natural, Fresh, Eco-Friendly Creative + Non-Toxic Art Supplies For Kids From Clementine Art

"Clementine Art believes that natural, organic and wholesome ingredients found in nature are best for children and the earth. Clementine Art products, packaging and materials set a higher standard for safety and health in childrens products." 

We have been creating a lot of masterpieces here. Sculptures, drawings, paintings....

One of my favorite things to do is watch my child create something - with nothing more than his imagination. At 2.5 years, we're at the perfect age for imaginative play, so when we received the gift set from Clementine Art (based in Boulder, Colorado) we were all set to start some serious artwork.
The Modeling Dough is definitely the favorite. It comes in amazing colors, is very soft, delicately scented and full of possibilities. Of course, it is made with non-toxic, completely natural ingredients so there's no worry when those little hands get messy with...

We've done a lot of coloring {outside the lines, of course} too. The Soy Rock Crayons are very cool and very unique. Kids just love playing with things that seem coloring with rocks instead of just plain crayons.

Since we received our Clementine Art supplies, its the first thing my son wants to do when he wakes up, so I'd say its a big hit!  These would also make a great gift idea!

Check out this video to learn more:

You can purchase Clementine Art at Whole Foods Market or online.  You can also become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter

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