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Just Launched :: Facial Freedom USDA Certified Organic Skin Care + Acne Treatment For Teens / Young Adults

According to a recent study conducted by the University of Connecticut, young adults are the most likely demographic to make their buying decisions based on effectiveness as well as socially and environmentally responsibility.  Generation Y sees themselves as the generation who "gets it" and they search for products and companies that do.  This is evident by the rapidly growing Teens Turning Green movement.

Brittanie's Thyme (whose fabulous and totally effective inspect spray we loved and reviewed a couple years back) saw a gap in the certified organic products available for young adults, ones that satisfied their specific skin care needs, such as safe + natural acne treatment so they created an affordable USDA Certified Organic skin care range called Facial Freedom which just launched on Monday.  The line includes Organic Citrus Facial Cleanser $14, Gentle Facial Toner $7, Organic Acne Treatment $9, Protective Moisturizer $14, and Almond Oatmeal Facial Scrub $10 geared towards 14 to 30 year old men and women.

More product photos below:

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