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Cate & Levi :: Adorable One-Of-A-Kind Eco-Conscious Toys Handmade In Canada

Just this past weekend I cruised into a great home interiors shop in a quaint town on Michigan's coast and spotted this adorable group of stuffed animals sitting on a wood bench.  I instantly gravitated towards them as I thought of my niece and nephews since I'm always mentally filing away cool, unique gifts for them.  I picked up the stuffed monkey and reached for the tag which read "Cate & Levi - sustainably made with reclaimed wool".  My eyebrows lifted and my hand quickly fumbled into my purse for pen and paper.  I could tell they were really well made and I loved that it read "each one is unique" because I try to buy things for my sister's kids that not every other kid is going to have.  Quality craftsmanship and the care by which these are made is evident when you feel and look at them.  These aren't your run-of-the-mill, cheaply "Made In China" stuffed animals, these are quality heirloom toys made with care which could very likely be passed down through your family.

I went to their website when I got home and filed it under "birthday ideas", but then, just this morning I spotted Cate & Levi for half off at one of my new favorite sites, GILT (which I first mentioned here).  If you need a great gift for a little person or an expecting parent, something from Cate & Levi's unique collection would make a great present!

Click here to see the great deals on Cate & Levi (once you have signed up, click on Children at the top of the page).  You'd better hurry though because stock is limited, its first come, first serve and things sell quickly and this amazing sale ends on Sunday, 3/28/10 at 10:00 a.m. CST. 

To give you an idea of the prices:

+ Hand puppets retail for $35, but they're on sale right now for just $18.

+ Stuffed animals (like the adorable monkey, bear and rabbit) retail for $85, but they're on sale right now for just $39.

This guy just might be my favorite...

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