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Totally Affordable + Entirely Thoughtful Way To Spread Some Love Around This Valentines Day - No Love Life Required

I'm totally in love with this I Love You Cards concept.  The goal is simple but the idea is genius: spread some love around and maybe even make someone's day.  These can be for those you already love and/or to give (secretly) to total strangers.  I ordered two packs of 20 last Friday (2/5) and got my order today (Monday, 2/8) so I'm pretty sure you have time to order today and get your cards before Valentines Day.  They are the size and thickness of business cards with rounded edges and are so bright they can't be missed.  How fun will this be?! 

Let's get as many people to order some cards (most of you can probably scrounge up five bucks, right?!) and put them in conspicuous places THIS weekend!  I'm talking produce section at the grocery store, on windshields and light posts, in mailboxes and in between books at the bookstore, or in the tip jar your local coffee shop (in addition to a tip of course)...pretty much anywhere you think someone will find it.  So c'mon...what are you waiting for?!?  This is so much better than trying to find that perfect Valentine Day card or worrying about what to get someone (why not anonymously send someone a pack of 20 for them to spread some love too?!). 

I'm going to be placing mine around town this weekend - are you on board???  If so, leave a comment below and let me know you're doing this too - this will be fun!  You don't have to do this on any particular day, weekend or month though - you can do this anytime you want to.  Personally, I'm already thinking about ordering more for other days.  A random act of kindness makes both people feel good, so I think we should all do more of it! 

Click here (scroll down on the page) for some inspiration and photos of where others have left or found I Love You Cards around the world! 

Order I Love You Cards right here for just $5 for a pack of 20 (covers printing + shipping). 
You can also order them in another language, just contact this awesome woman and she'll make it happen!! 



Disclaimer: This post doesn't include anything eco or organic, but it does include something that's important to me...spreading some love around and making others feel special! 

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