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Snug Organics :: Bundle Your Little Lamb in Warmth Naturally With These Safe Sleepers For Babies + Kids

Wow! I just love everything about this company I've discovered called Snug Organics. Truly.

First of all, this company creates certified organic, fair trade and fire-retardant-free sleepwear for wee ones. Awesome.

Second, their sleepers are simple, timeless, anti-microbial, unisex, comfortable and well-made. Double awesome.

Lastly, they're based in Denver (and the sleepers are made there). I'm in love.

When I received 2 Snug organic Sherpa Sleepers in the mail for my little pipsqueaks, I quickly washed them so they would be ready for their trial run that night. They were SO soft right out of the wash and by the time they were dried they were curl-up-with-a-warm-blanket-by-the-fire cozy. They fit my 2.5-year-old and my 6-month-old very nicely {and very snugly}.

You know me, I'm always a fan of a simple look with a splash of color, and that's exactly what these sleepers are all about. The vanilla color is very versatile, as well as completely pure of any questionable dyes {even ones sometimes found in organic clothing}. Since our children will spend so many hours of their lives sleeping {and in sleepwear}, it's important to me to use the softest and safest material whenever possible.

With so many of the warmest sleepers on the market being synthetic {and laced with flame retardants}, these sleepers are a breath of fresh air to concerned parents. Take a second to peruse the Snug Organics website and educate yourself on what is in and on conventional sleepwear for children. It will definitely make you want more Snug in your life!

I'm especially impressed with the philosophy behind the design and construction of the Organic Sherpa Sleepers. With sustainability at the forefront of the designers minds, they wanted to create sleepwear that can be used by several different children {they grow too fast, don't they?!} and can clothe boys and girls alike. Perfect for a situation like mine, with a little girl who's getting all of her older brother's hand-me-downs.

Having made sure that the workers who make these sweet little sleepers are also kept in safe conditions, this company shows no preference on the safety of others. We should all be treated safely and fairly...right? Right.

To top it all off - these sleepers make your bundle look much like a little lambie. And there's not much that's cuter than that, right? Right.


Pssst....ANY parent reading this post should watch this video A Wake-Up Story by Healthy Child Healthy World right this second because small changes add up! 

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