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Give Or Get :: My 5 Fave Natural Organic Perfumes Are At Spirit Beauty Lounge! 5 Reviews + 4 Giveaways!

I'm not a "perfume person".  Well, I didn't used to be (you can read about that here and here).  Sure, I recall wearing artificial fragrances back in the day, but after feeling downright ill when I'd wear them or when in close proximity to someone wearing really strong perfume or cologne - I quit the stuff altogether.  Even before all the chatter about phthalates and synthetic aromas, my body told me that something wasn't right.   

My perfume picky-ness isn't news to those who have been faithful Fig+Sage readers for almost two years (I can't believe its been that long!), but what is news to you is that I've recently discovered one shop carries a huge stash of my absolute favorite natural and organic perfumes - five to be exact.  And I don't say this just because they happen to be our sponsor this month.  Sponsor or not, its the absolute truth that I haven't found another site or shop that carries so many of my favorite scents in one place.  I'm totally addicted to these perfumes and chances are you will be too once you find your perfect match.  And hey, what a great gift idea for Valentines Day....for you or someone you love! And I know perfume is pretty difficult to buy online, which is why its perfect that you can order samples of all of them here for a mere fifteen bucks

My favorite scent: Tallulah

Tallulah Jane has such personality and attitude -  the branding is so fun and hip. I'm thoroughly impressed with the packaging since its totally unique in the natural/organic perfume realm but was pleasantly surprised to find out I'm even more impressed with the fragrance itself. We received all three scents to sniff, but both of us are head over heels for Tallulah.  We're both surprised at how long it last and how potent it is.  I actually had thoughts like "can this really be natural?" since its more potent than many other natural perfumes I've tried previously.  Jasmine flowers burst from the petite glass bottle and remind of the sunny days of summer.  Everything from the logo to the aroma makes this a favorite.  Organic and wild crafted oils are blended with organic grape alcohol and jojoba oil to create a beautiful blend of botanicals that produce a unique olfactory experience. 

My favorite scent: Green

I discovered this USDA Certified Organic perfume a couple months back and A Perfume Organic sent me samples of both their 'Green' and 'Urban Organic' perfumes to put to the test.  Immediately I was drawn to Green - a juicy concoction of fresh, herbaceous aroma that evokes comfort and peace while simultaneously stirring up mystery and intrigue.  I did a blind sniff test with my sister E when I was with her at Christmas and Green was also her favorite of the two. I liked it so much that I had to get the full-size bottle from SBL a couple weeks ago.  Comes in a handpainted glass bottle nestled in a plantable recycled paper box that's embedded with flower seeds and printed with soy ink!  The date the perfume is made, batch number and lot code is all on the bottom of the box.  This stuff is made handmade fresh, by vegan/organic/local food lover and natural perfumer, Amanda Walker in Manhattan, NY. 

My favorite scents: Seductive + Attune

About a month and a half ago I ordered something from Spirit Beauty Lounge (will share about that soon) along with samples of both Seductive and Attune.  They are the only aromas I've tried from Intelligent Nutrients (one of my absolute favorite skin care brands) and I looove both of them so much and I love them equally because they are so very different.  Seductive is warm, spicy and inviting while Attune is energizing, peaceful and promotes clarity (imagine how you feel at your favorite spa). 

It came as no surprise when I read this answer to a interview question about which product people should start with who are new to the I.N. brand.  Horst Rechelbacher (also original founder of Aveda, but no longer associated) explained that "aromas are my specialty so I'm very proud of the aromatherapy line in particular".  And boy, does he know his aromas!!  Which is why my other favorite is also one of his...

This is such a lovely vibrant, floral and feminine scent.  The aroma is pure and true - made from real jasmine flowers in a macadamia nut oil base. Perhaps I love it so much right now because it reminds me of the flowers I'll see again in Spring and Summer (which can't get here soon enough btw!). My husband, who is seemingly even more picky about scents than I am (how that is possible I do not know) really likes this when I wear this. Says it smells "really good" and "girly".  Its usually the floral scents that bother me so I don't usually wear them, but for some reason, I have absolutely no negative reaction to this and instead finding myself wanting to sniff my arm or wrist to smell it over and over.

Tsi-La Organic Perfumes $45
My favorite scents:  Ilang Ilang + Fiori D' Arancio

This isn't new info if you're a regular readers, but its worth mentioning again that SBL also carries Tsi-La Organic Perfume, another organic perfume brand that I adore.  You can find my reviews of it here and hereSavings Tip: This set of 4 perfumes is a BIG bargain.  They contain the same size bottles as purchasing them individually, which costs you around $25 (rather than $45 if you just buy one).  Plus, if you're looking for gifts - this is perfect because you could break up the set and give them to four friends.    

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

Now that you've read about my faves, I bet you'd like to try one or all of them for yourself, right?!  Good news....we've got another great giveaway for four of our wonderful readers! If you just can't wait for the giveaway to end and need a wonderful gift idea for Valentines Day, be sure to use our coupon code "figandsage" at Spirit Beauty Lounge and knock 15% off your entire order.  Also, you can spread even more love when you shop in their Valentines Shop they'll donate 20% of profits to relief efforts in Haiti

Giveaway Details:

Why not win and give as a gift to someone special or just keep it for yourself?!

* PRIZE: 4 winners will receive (1) $20 Gift Certificate each to Spirit Beauty Lounge
* TO ENTER: Sign up for our emails if you haven't already, fill out our really short + easy form below, including your answers to the questions asked. Entries that contain "don't know", "no idea" or "N/A" will be deleted (we want you to put some thought & effort in).
* MUST ENTER BY: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 7pm EST.
* PRIZE SHIPS: Directly from Spirit Beauty Lounge to winners to U.S. addresses only.
* ETC: One entry per person (duplicate entries will be deleted). Winners are selected using  Winner will be contacted directly via email after contest has ended.  Good luck to all!

Wondering what may be lurking in your personal fragrance? How about a few thousand things? Check out Enviroblog's "3,163 Ingredients Hide Behind The Word 'Fragrance'" article for more info. 

Disclosure: Some of the products in this post were sent to us by either the manufacturer or its retailer for an honest and candid review and some we purchased.  To learn more about our product review criteria, click here.  If you're interested in advertising on Fig+Sage, please email us at hello(AT)

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