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Dress Me Up :: Adorable Handmade Organic Cotton Teethers + Toys Made In Canada For Babies + Kids

It is wild around here -- as in, my tiny one is officially teething. We've got all of the signs: relentless amounts of drool, fussiness, chomping on anything that moves in front of her face...everything but teeth.

A few months ago I received a marvelous package full of things that I would, at some point, find very useful. Dress Me Up is a mom-run company out of Canada that makes some great, completely hand-made toys for children. Made out of only certified organic cotton and wool, these play toys make discerning parents more than eager to hand them to their precious cargo.

These Teething Bonbons are a perfect example of how Dress Me Up is thinking about every aspect of our children's health and happiness. With the majority of teething toys on the market are made out of plastic or painted wood, these Bonbons are made of soft organic cotton. They feel soft on baby's sore gums and are free from pesticides and other chemicals. They are designed to be soaked with water and then frozen to calm frazzled nerves in those tiny mouths. (It can be hard work being a baby!) Truly genius.

These soft cloth blocks are just plain cute. They were an instant hit with the babes and can create hours of fun without worry of someone being clobbered by a wooden block.
These little Leaf Bibs are probably the cutest I've ever seen. Completely gender-neutral, soft and absorbent -- these Dress Me Up bibs have now become a new favorite around here. If you've ever had a teething babe in your care, you know how bibs can save the day (or the outfit) from disaster. I love how they make a baby look like she should be dressed in ferns, frolicking in some farietale woodland. Yes, they do.
Ahhhh, the beloved Cloth Ball! Both of my kids absolutely love this ball. The textures appeal to my suddenly dexterous baby and it's the perfect size for a game of bowling or indoor catch with my toddler (and I don't have to worry about it ricocheting off of my baby's head if a ball goes rogue.) Super cute prints to boot!

Be on the lookout for a Dress Me Up giveaway coming soon to a blog near you!  


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