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Gweneth Paltrow Detoxes With Fresh Juice From Organic Avenue In NYC

Some people could care less about celebrity's personal lives (like my husband for example - "they're just people"), but while I'm not obsessive or anything - if I like their music or work on screen, chances are I'm interested in what they do in their free time, especially if that involves writing a healthy cookbook (Alicia Silverstone), getting a killer bod by doing a lot of yoga (Madonna), running an organic farm (Elizabeth Hurley) or detoxing with organic juice and eating a macrobiotic diet (Gweneth Paltrow).

In the event that you aren't signed up yet - I highly recommend Gweneth Paltrow's widely popular weekly newsletter 'GOOP'.  It includes a bit of everything, with a heavy focus on food since she's a foodie and loves to cook and eat.  This morning as I opened my GOOP email newsletter, I knew I just had to share it with you because she interviews the Owner/Founder of Organic Avenue in NYC, a place that I would absolutely love to visit.

Organic Avenue carries all things healthy (and vegan) and focuses heavily on body cleansing and detoxification, something I believe is very important.  They offer food, beauty products, "farmacy" items and more.  If you're in NYC, definitely stop in and if you're not - check out their website here!

+ Read Gweneth Paltrow's Interview With Organic Avenue Founder, Denise Mari (complete with recipes!)

+ Sign up for the GOOP newsletter here

+ Sign up for the Organic Avenue newsletter here (bottom right of home page)

Have you been to Organic Avenue in NYC???  If so, do share - I promise not to be jealous! 

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