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Gweneth Paltrow Shares Her Healthy Vietnamese Salad Recipe - YUM!!!

I've already mentioned GOOP before (Gweneth Paltrow's newsletter), but I just couldn't resist sharing this delicious Vietnamese Salad recipe with you because I ate it for lunch and dinner yesterday - because its that good.  I did take some shortcuts because I didn't have all the ingredients in the house but it was still so good and super easy (took me maybe 10 minutes to prepare, granted I did have pre-chopped cabbage and carrots, already-toasted almond slices & leftover cooked chicken from the night before).  Since I'm trying to eat more "rare" veggies other than my old standbys, I was excited to see this one included bok choy (although I didn't have any at the time).  So many times I've stared at it at the grocery store but since I didn't know what to do with it, so I usually passed it by. But not this time - bok choy is now on the grocery list so I can make this salad with more of the ingredients it calls for. 

This is what I did have and used for the salad:

+ Green cabbage - shredded
+ Carrots - shredded
+ Fresh cilantro - chopped
+ Sliced almonds - roasted, lightly salted (healthier alternative than peanuts)
+ Cooked chicken breast (lunch), tuna (dinner)

Toss ingredients above and then make dressing:

+ Rice vinegar
+ Wheat/gluten-free soy sauce
+ Sesame oil
+ Agave nectar
+ Minced fresh garlic
+ Powdered ginger (wish I had fresh)
+ Green onions - thinly sliced

**Pour dressing over salad.  Enjoy!

Note: There is no exact science to this dressing.  Add more of what you want until you achieve the flavor you like the most.

This is so easy and fast, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it whilst shoveling another forkful into your mouth.  And what a great way to get a lot of fresh, raw veggies in to your diet?!

So, do you have a favorite healthy salad recipe that you absolutely love???

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