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Review + $84 Giveaway :: Blissoma SOLUTIONS Evolved Natural Skin Care - Organic Ingredients, Affordably Priced + See-For-Yourself Results!

If you're a frequent Whole Foods shopper and linger in the personal care aisles a little too long sniffing and perusing, like I do, you may recognize the Blissoma brand name and associate it with the candle and  aromatherapy section (we like their Stress Relief Serum - perfect stocking-stuffer by the way, for just about anyone).  Back in June, Blissoma SOLUTIONS skin care launched and as of September they can be found in Whole Foods Markets across the Midwest region.  You'll also find Blissoma products in more than 200 retail stores in the U.S. including spas, boutiques and natural food markets.

Julie Longyear at EcoLuxe event in NYC (Sept. 09)

Blissoma's Founder, Primary Formulator and Chemist, Julie Longyear has been fine-tuning the formulations of her natural skin care line made with organic ingredients for the last two years with six years of research experience on her side - and boy, does it show - literally.  I used this line over the past couple months for weeks at a time, sometimes days; and then I'd move onto another line that didn't do anything for me, but found myself returning to this line over and over because it provides visible results!  Afterall, isn't that what skin care should give us?  Healthy ingredients that perform?!.  Everything in the line smells wonderfully herbal (except the cleanser smells like lemon cookies).  And what you're really going to love is that these products are half of the price of many high-performing natural/organic skin care products out there.  I don't know how many times I've been asked - "what skin care products work well, don't cost a fortune and have really good natural ingredients?".  It hasn't been an easy answer because that specific combination is no easy feat!  Question-askers, meet Blissoma SOLUTIONS

These modern herbal formulations are crafted with centuries old medicinal plant wisdom and active raw botanicals.  You'll find them housed in spray or pump bottles to prohibit contamination by fingers and exposure to air and this also keeps them well-preserved. All of the products I used were extremely gentle, and did not irritate my skin at all.

Below you'll find the products I used (and am still using, in the order I use them):

I really adore the aroma of this - a delightful combo of citrus and sugar; indeed true to its moniker (the fresh part, not so much the rice part) and since I'm partial to all things citrus it speaks my olfactory language. This does not foam, but rather is more like a light cream cleanser that is welcomed by my dehydrated skin.  A residue remains after washing and I know some people have issue with that because they don't feel squeaky clean, but I appreciate the extra hydration.  I just use of washcloth to remove it for a little exfoliating action.

*I'm not sure how long the full-size will last since I was sent a trial size of this product.  I would guess at least a month based on size. I will tell you that I keep opening up the small pot it came in to get a whiff since I'm sort of really addicted to the fragrance.

I must admit - things are just better when I use a toner.  I always notice a difference when I use one and this particular formula is infused with healing herbals and it hydrates and prepares the skin for moisture.  Has a lovely scent and I look forward to using it.

*I'm not sure how long the full-size will last since I was sent the trial size of this product.  I would guess at least a month based on the size.

If you have acne or are prone to breakouts - you likely know many blemish treatments really dry out skin and no one needs that this time of year (or any time, really).  I'm already obsessed with body oil and butters because freezing temps have already sucked the moisture from my dermis.  I absolutely love this product - everything about it.  The smell, the performance and the way it makes my skin feel...unbelievably smooth.  I definitely give it an A+, but I would have probably called it something else to highlight the fact that its a blemish-buster and its not what I would call a serum. (I call "serum" a facial oil, a liquid - and this is a creamy product).  I notice a difference in my skin as soon as it sinks in.  A zit-zapper while it hydrates - this is a product that can be used alone for oily or normal types, or under a moisturizer for normal to dry types (like me).  

*I was sent the full-size of this product and it should last 1 month.  1-2 pumps is all I need to cover my entire face.

All three of the moisturizers are really where its at for me.  This one is no exception and the only difference I really notice between this and Peace - Evening Facial Moisture is that it smells differently and is a little lighter in weight.  I don't know how it works - but the herbal concoction that Julie has created, easily sinks in and smooths my skin's surface immediately providing an ideal canvas for makeup application.  This is amazing at reducing pore size - seemingly, in an instant (something I'm self-conscious about - thank you Dad's genes).  Smells like a walk through an herbal garden.  This is a khaki green color, and for some reason this made me excited before I even used it because it conveyed to me that its packed full of real plant ingredients!  (Of course, it doesn't stay this color after its on my skin). 

*I was sent the full-size of this product and it should last 1 month.  1-2 pumps is all I need to cover my entire face.

I use this at night after my A+ Facial Moisture dries (in a few seconds) when I want to wake up with clear, smooth skin.  I use this everywhere including eyelids and under eye.  Its an army green color that has a slightly different aroma than Awake, but equally as pleasant.  This ingredient deck, is packed with anti-inflammatory, nurturing ingredients that calm skin overnight.  From nourishing sea plants to thirst-quenching organic shea butter, pumpkin and coconut oils to powerful herbal extracts of comfrey and German chamomile - there is no doubt this is made by someone who has put time, research and heart into the formulations. 

*I was sent the full-size of this product and it should last 1 month.  1-2 pumps is all I need to cover my entire face.

I love clay masks and this is a great one!  I don't like dealing with masks I have to mix myself and this one is ready to go.  Designed to exfoliate, lighten skin damage and ward off impurities, it can be used all over or as a spot treatment. You'll find unrefined organic raspberry and cranberry seed oil as well as ultra-healing herbs like Calendula and Lavender.  Its a grey-brown color, texture is creamy but contain tiny bits of Rhassoul Clay.  The exfoliating properties are courtesy of Willowbark extract (without a need to scrub) due to its natural salicins content, to help reveal a freshly renewed texture. 

Careful note: As with any exfoliating product, never ever rub quickly or harshly into skin because you could cause damage (and you don't want a sandpaper effect).  With a very delicate touch, gently and slowly apply to skin.

My Tip: After 15 minutes, run a washcloth under warm water and ring out.  Place warm washcloth over entire face for a few seconds (to soften mask) and then slowly wipe mask from face.  Follow with toner and moisturizer.

*I'm not sure how long the full-size will last since I was sent the trial size of this product.  I would guess at least 3-4 months based on the size because a little goes a long way and its recommended to use just once a week for most skin types.

Deals, deals + MORE DEALS!

Still have gifts to knock off the 'ol list?  There's still time if you order soon. 

Upcoming Holiday party making you feel self-conscious because you've got stressed-out-due-to-holiday-hustle-and-bustle skin??  Blissoma makes a good gift for a friend or yourself!  I'm just sayin'.

*Get FREE SHIPPING on any order over $40!

*Blissoma SOLUTIONS Starter Skin Care Kits are only $25, over 68% off the retail price!

*Use coupon code holidayhalf to get a whopping 50% off any assortment of skin care products now through 12/11/09.

Giveaway Details:

Why not win this and give as a gift and save some $$?!  Or not and just keep it all for yourself.

* PRIZE: 1 full-size Facial Cleanser, 1 full size Toner, 2 full-size moisturizers plus a natural deodorant spray (approx. $84 retail value).  Winner picks skin type ('Normal' is recommended if you don't know the person's skin type - if you're giving for a gift). 
* TO ENTER: Sign up for our emails if you haven't already, fill out our really short + easy form below, including your answers to the questions asked. Entries that contain "don't know", "no idea" or "N/A" will be deleted (we want you to put some thought & effort in - afterall you may just score some fabulous + free stuff).
* MUST ENTER BY: Monday, December 14, 2009 3pm EST.
* PRIZE SHIPS: Directly from Blissoma (in St. Louis, Missouri) to U.S. address only.
* ETC: One entry per person (duplicate entries will be deleted). Winners are selected using  Winner will be contacted directly via email after contest has ended.  Good luck to all!

Enter Here:

Good To Know! All Blissoma SOLUTIONS products are vegetarian, contain mostly Certified Organic ingredients and are Certified Cruelty-Free.  The product boxes are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper and printed using 100% Certified Renewable Wind Energy.  Blissoma is also a member of 1% For The Planet.

Disclosure: All products in this post were provided to us by Blissoma/Irie Star for the purpose of a honest and candid review.  We only giveaway products we actually like and it is our policy that any company wanting to do a giveaway with us, sends us their products for evaluation first so that we may determine if their products are a good fit for Fig+Sage.  To learn more about our review standards and criteria, check out our About Us page

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