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Spread The Word About Saffron Rouge's 5 Beautiful Lies List + Save $20 On Your Next Order

If there's one thing that REALLY gets under my skin - its lies.  Whether its false representation of certification on a product label, the word "organic" in a brand name (that doesn't include any organic ingredients, or a minuscule amount) or someone lying directly to me, I don't tolerate it. Though Fig+Sage is a place where you won't necessarily find negative or bashing product reviews like many blogs do (and some do it really well) - that doesn't mean we don't have very strong opinions about right and wrong, green-washing or companies that mislead.  In fact, without a doubt - we most definitely do.  That's why we choose to align ourselves with, seek out and promote retailers and manufacturers we believe are selling and/or creating pure, effective products and those that behave ethically.   

For this reason, I'm excited about Saffron Rouge's "5 Beautiful Lies List" and I took advantage of the offer to save up to $20 off my next order and I'm sharing it with you so you can score the same great deal. (I bought a good friend this body oil for her birthday after she mentioned how nice it smelled on me at a wedding).  If you subscribe to the "knowledge is power" mantra vs. the "what you don't know won't hurt you" mantra - this list is something I recommend you check out.   

Read the 5 Lies, forward to 4 friends and get a code for $20 off your next order - its as easy as that!  (And maybe knock a Christmas gift or two off your list in the process).  Offer expires in 10 days (on 11/20/09).

Do you like the idea of rubbing petroleum, silicone and plastic into your skin?  If not, click here to read more about Beautiful Lies. 

I've been of BIG fan of Saffron Rouge for about 4 years.  They are one of the largest organic beauty retailers in the U.S. and Canada and one of the first to solely dedicate themselves to all things organic.  I call them "the of Organic Beauty" because they have a great selection, customer service is always available (I like to use their IM/chat service), their entire order process is seamless - from searching for products, easy checkout, to prompt delivery every time (in branded boxes) - and I always know exactly what day my shipment will land on my doorstep since I'm always emailed a tracking number; my shopping experience with them is always the same. I admire their stringent ingredient criteria and that they carry many organic beauty brands I love like Dr. Alkaitis, Dr. Bronner's, Dr. Haushka, Intelligent Nutrients, NVEY ECO, Primavera, Revolution Organics and Weleda - amongst others. 

Also, be sure to bookmark Saffron Rouge's The Black List™ to search ingredients they do not allow in products they carry (and find out why) and The Green List™ for those they do allow.  A GREAT resource for those of us who are eagle-eyed when it comes to ingredients (or who want to be)!

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