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My Little Postpartum Secret #1 :: Stretch Happy 360 Body Products by Trillium Organics + $74.92 GIVEAWAY

If you are one of "those" women who give birth and then slip right back into your prepartum state within days, you should stop reading and go give thanks for your blessing. If you are like me {and most women}, you need a little extra help to get your long-lost body back from the throes of pregnancy. I have snagged some tips and tricks and I will now share with you - my lovely mama readers - because I'm nice like that.

Trillium Organics
is a company we love and we recently announced their newest organic body care line for expectant and postpartum mamas to help support a woman's body during and after pregnancy. OGmama Stretch Happy 360 body care products were created with the mindset that what you put on your body gets into your body, and when you're building a little human, it's most important to keep your products pure.

The Stretch Happy 360 Body Wash is 100% organic and has a wonderfully light lavender and rosemary scent that comes from only the highest grade essential oils. With ingredients like aloe vera and honey as well as saponified olive and coconut oils, you will never have to worry about questionable ingredients getting in your body and to your baby.

My favorite product from this line is...
The Belly Polish because there is really nothing out there like it. While providing light exfoliation for stretching skin, it also provides some intense moisture where you need it most - your poor, poor belly! You can use it as often as you like or just a couple times a week, but you are guaranteed to want to slather this stuff on after you've tried it once! {Tip: It's also great for exfoliating to get rid of linea nigra after baby is born - if you happen to be so lucky.}

After you have bathed and scrubbed in the shower, you have some more options to moisturize. You can use the Stretch Happy 360 Body Oil all over your body and/or you can focus on some key areas to intensely hydrate with the Belly Butter. Once you are all done, your body feels relaxed, renewed and protected. Ahhhhh....

If you use the whole line you have the added bonus of not mixing your scents as well as knowing that what you put on is absolutely safe for you and baby. All products come in recyclable BPA-free jars and are certified organic. We truly love this company and this new line of products for babies and mamas is really impressive. If you want to try these products before you buy full sizes or if you are looking for a great shower gift - all of these products come in a fantastic sampler kit for under $20! {I'm in love with the sealed, papery bag the samples come packaged in - it feels like you're opening a bag of candy!}

So there's the first of many favorites that I will share with you. Stay tuned for my review of some other Trillium Organics baby products and pampering mama products!

Now, I know you want to win some don't you?!?! 

Giveaway Details:

* PRIZE: Stretch Happy 360 Product: 8oz Gentle Soap, 8oz Moisture Oil, 8 oz Belly Butter and 16 oz Belly Polish (Total value $74.92)!
* TO ENTER: Sign up for our emails if you haven't already, fill out our really short + easy form below, including your answers to the questions asked. Entries that contain "don't know", "no idea" or "N/A" will be deleted (we want you to put some thought & effort in - afterall you may just score some fabulous + free stuff).
* MUST ENTER BY: Monday, November 23, 2009 at 5pm EST.
* PRIZE SHIPS: Directly from Trillium Organics to U.S. address only.
* ETC: One entry per person (duplicate entries will be deleted). Winners are selected using  Winner will be contacted via email after contest has ended.  Good luck to all!

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Note: All products in this post were provided to us by Trillium Organics for the purpose of a honest and candid review.  To learn more about our review standards and criteria, check out our About Us page. 


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