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Whitten Grey Organic Fashion For Sophisticated Little Ladies Gives Away One Dress For Every Dress Bought

I have a little big crush on Whitten Grey Organic.  Have you seen their collection of stunning little girls apparel???  If not, you're definitely missing out.

With one precious little girl in our family, I've got my eye out for all things small, organic + ultra classy and/or cute - and this collection definitely fits that bill.

The piece are made from organic cotton or organic wool and sewn in the U.S.

 What's more is their awesome Project Grey Dress.  For every dress purchased, Whitten Grey gives a dress to a little girl in need.  And how cool is it that you can select where she lives, what color of dress she'll get and that you can include your very own note to her?!

When you purchase a Whitten Grey dress, simply check out the code on the back of the hang tag and enter it in their website here to get the process started.

Right now, you can find some of the Whitten Grey dresses for 50% off at  Why not shop for two girls at one time?!?

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 Are you wondering exactly how wool can be organic?  Well, we did too way back when so we'll share.  Most of the wool in the world comes from sheep that are fed with synthetic hormones, are genetically modified and pesticides are used both on the sheep and the pastures they eat.  Organic wool comes from sheep fed an organic diet, those that are not genetically modified and those that are not given synthetic hormones and drugs.  If you wish, you can learn more about organic wool from the Organic Trade Association here.  When it comes to wool, there aren't many things that compare to its warmth. 

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