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Review :: ACORELLE Organic Eau de Parfums from France - New Fave!

If you've been reading F+S for any amount of time, you know I have one-eyebrow-raised suspicions of most perfumes and any ingredient deck that includes "fragrance"; especially since companies aren't required to list everything that makes their fragrance ingredient and because my body oftentimes experiences negative physical reactions to them and sometimes even natural varieties.  That's why you won't find many organic perfume reviews here - because though I've tried others, they didn't agree with my body or nose.  What a pleasant surprise to be able to add more to my favorite organic perfumes list (others can be found here, here and here).

Lucky Magazine - September 2009 - Page 213

ACORELLE Organic Perfumes are sophisticated French eau de parfums that utilizes 100% natural and 92% organic ingredients to create unique and utterly feminine perfume blends (and of course I'm a fan of their super chic packaging!).  Last month after I spotted ACORELLE in Lucky Magazine I purchased the ACORELLE Sample Set for $13.50 (which included shipping) from Lush Oasis (ACORELLE's U.S. distributor).  I received seven samples and liked three of them.  My favorites (and not-so-favorites) stood out right away.  What makes this line different from other organic perfumes I've tried is the aromas - these most definitely are not your grandma's perfumes.  They also don't disappear minutes after spritzing them either (at least not on me - I realize everyone's body chemistry is different) though I do re-apply in the afternoon if I want the aroma to linger for longer.  Honestly, I've only tried one, maybe two truly organic perfume that lasted all day and they were of the smoky, woodsy variety (which I don't prefer and can only tolerate on certain occasions).  The fact is synthetics make perfumes last longer and I'd much rather re-spritz than breathe/soak in nasty chems.

What is an organic perfume anyway, you ask?  According to ACORELLE their perfumes are:

"pure and natural eau de parfum produced using glazing on an organic grain alcohol, containing no phthalates, nitrated or polycyclic musk, or propylene glycol. The plant extract used to make them are procured using steam distillation or cold expression distillation according to traditional and ecological processes.  The essential oils are produced from harvested flower blossoms and ripe fruits, allowing all their delicacy and fragrance to be preserved".  

And of course they're not tested on animals and are beautifully contained in recyclable packaging.  

Check out the pseudo-awards I gave my three personal faves...

First impression is this smells like Starbursts taste (yes, the candy - quite possibly the orange or yellow ones)...sweet with a touch of floral.  If you're as sweet as sugar - or want people to think you are...this may be for you.
(Tied for 2nd place)

I'm not normally drawn to flowery perfumes, but this is the most floral of the three I like.  A combination of orange, peach and raspberry mixes with the slightly powdery iris.  Just a hint of spiciness, this blend exudes calm and warmth.  Very feminine and chic.
(Tied for 2nd place) 


My hands-down favorite!  Unlike any organic perfume I've tried before, its calming and soothing yet bright and cheerful.  Breathe in: a clean, uplifting fragrance. Breathe out: ahhhhhh.....   
(1st place)

NIMLI is offering an exclusive discount for our readers only in which they'll take 15% off your ACORELLE organic perfume order (or anything else at if you use coupon code FIGANDSAGE09 (expires 11/30/09).  ACORELLE retails for $68/bottle, but you'll get it for $57.80 with our coupon. If you've already started to think about your Christmas shopping list I highly suggest adding this to your file of brilliant gift ideas for yourself or someone special. 

+ ACORELLE U.S. website

+ ACORELLE French website


+ ACORELLE @ Lush Oasis

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Image credit: NIMLI and Lush Oasis

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