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The Must-Have Eyeshadow Set for Fall :: The Zen Garden Collection from Alima Pure

I made an apple pie a few days ago...from scratch. I bought the apples from a roadside stand, gathered my other ingredients, put on some James Taylor, an apron and baked myself a pie. "What does this have to do with eyeshadow??", you may ask. Well, I'm feeling festive and starting to fall in love with this season all over again. In addition to my baking bug, I'm celebrating this season with what I wear and that includes what goes on my eyelids. Yes, my eyelids.

I have been wearing colors from my Alima Pure Zen Garden eye shadow collection for a few weeks now and they are absolutely perfect.  The Bamboo shade is a perfect all around color for your entire lid and it has replaced my beloved Sacre Coeur from my favorite Spring/Summer go-to collection by Alima.  Eucalyptus is a rich silvery green shade that's great for accenting the eye.  Liliko'i is a matte, deep purple color and Teak is a shimmery dark brown with golden accents that is perfect as an eyeliner or an eyeshadow.

This collection has incorporated several of the "it" colors of Fall fashion and are very neutral at the same time, so you can take this from day to night as well as Fall to Winter. Leave it to Alima Pure to bring us gorgeous products without the nasties found in many cosmetics. As we've said before, we HEART Alima Pure!

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