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Fake Pumpkin Smell Is Scary :: Introducing Woodsprite Organic NEW Pumpkin Chai Body Care - Review

Its raining here today and what used to be my lawn is a thick blanket of gold leaves as trees quickly turn to sticks.  Temps are dropping and the smell of fireplace smoke often fills the air.  I'm craving the scents, sights and tastes of all things Fall, so of course I jumped at the chance to try Woodsprite Organic Body new Pumpkin Chai body and skin care line.

After I reviewed the ingredients, I was reminded of the intense waves of seasonal fragrance wafting out the front of Bath & Body Works this time of year (I usually hold my breath now).  Not because these Pumpkin Chai products will  knock-your-socks off with overwhelming artificial fragrance, but because they are festive and smell like baking pies, cakes and cookies.  Back in the day, I was drawn in to B&BW by the bright and cheerful displays and their "farm fresh" persona, but I always felt like I was being suffocated and left the store with a headache.  So what does this have to do with Woodsprite Organic Body's new Pumpkin Chai line?  For me, a lot.  I used to love cruising in to B&BW during holidays and sniffing, rubbing and buying their Warm Vanilla Sugar or Gingerbread products - because I liked to smell "festive".  Many of you likely have the same cravings and now that you've switched to organic products or are considering them - you don't have as many seasonal options to choose from.  Well, now you do - these Pumpkin Chai products smell so delish and they're the real deal, not the synthesized, perfumey, chemical-version of pumpkin and spices.  These smell delicious, thoroughly Autumnal and a fabulous anecdote to dry skin. (And a nice bonus is that my husband likes the smell of these as much as I do, so he's been using all the products as well!)

A large percentage of all their ingredients are certified organic and this line boasts comforting scents of the seasons such as cardamom, clove, anise, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon and vanilla.  If you spot "pumpkin essential oil" in any ingredient deck - beware.  There is no such essential oil.  Woodsprite Organic Body uses only highly beneficial pumpkin seed oil, which is a hydrating treat to your skin. 

I tried the entire Woodsprite Organic Body Pumpkin Chai line and these are the products I liked:

Smoothing and clarifying. When dry, this mask will remind you of cake mix and wet, will remind you of cake batter.  I have a strong desire to eat this every time I use it and/or bake a cake or pie.

A treat to add to a hot bath on a cool Fall or Winter night.  Produces a lot of fizz and a nice aroma in the bath (and bathroom). If you live in cold temps, you know how important hot baths are to thaw out after a day spent in cold air.

I love this.  Makes me feels like I'm rubbing cake batter all over in the shower.  I really am tempted to eat it every time I use it - and really, why shouldn't I - its made with ingredients I wouldn't hesitate to put in my mouth.  Leaves skin moist and no need for lotion afterwards.

Note: the bottom of your shower/tub will become slippery after use, so step out carefully.

Even if you aren't baking all day, at least you can make it smell like you are.  Your family and guests may be disappointed to discover there's nothing actually baking in the oven - but the aroma emits a cozy, homey feel.  I burned this in my office all day a few weeks back and it delicately fills a room with sweet spice!   

Woodsprite Organic Pumpkin Chai Nourishing Massage Oil $14

Great for dry skin!  I've been using this as a body oil before bed after showering at night and I wake up the next morning with nourished and hydrated skin.  I never knew what dry skin really was when I lived in California, but after surviving my first Midwest winter - it became quite clear what the weather can do to any skin type.  Now I always have body oil on hand during winter - because its absolutely essential to ward off flakey, itchy, tight, dehydrated skin. 

Woodsprite Organic Body sent us the products in this post for the purpose of a honest and candid review.  To learn more about our review criteria, click here

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