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Don't Leave Home Without It :: H. Gillerman Organics Natural Sleep Remedy Aromatherapy

I've just returned from another work week out of state and have to share with you one of my must-have  travel essentials, one of those things that goes in my suitcase without fail.  H. Gillerman Organics Natural Rest Sleep Remedy is not something I use when I'm home because when I'm in my own bed - it takes all of three seconds from the time my head hits the pillow until I drift off.  Traveling is another story altogether.  Who knows if its the unfamiliar sounds, uncomfortable (and cold) bed or the anxiousness at the thought of sleeping through my alarm in the morning; but I have a very difficult time falling asleep when I'm by myself in a hotel room.  That's exactly why I pack this pure + potent help send me to la la land.

I shared H. Gillerman Organics almost one year ago when I discovered the brand and shared my experience with the Jaw Clenching Remedy.  Since then, I've been traveling religiously with the Sleep Remedy and I'm still using the same bottle because it only takes 3-5 drops to sweep me away to dreamland.  I usually add drops to a dry washcloth (because I don't like inhaling Kleenex particles) and hold very close to my nose while breathing in and out very slowly and deeply - and it always does the trick.

I'm a firm believer in the power of essential oils for healing and well-being and call me strange, but I get a tad more excited than most when I'm sniffing high quality, supremely potent, luxurious essential oils from a master herbalist like Hope Gillerman.  Read more about her story + experience here or check out her other remedies here.  If you've found both a pure and luxurious line of organic essentials oils / aromatherapy, do share!

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Want to make your own healthy blends at home including soothing massage oils to prescriptive blends for aches, pains, stress and sickness??  Check out Hope Gillerman's deck of recipes and tips: The Essential Oils Deck: Simple Blends for Health and Beauty.

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