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Will Victoria Secret Model Miranda Kerr Launch A 100% Organic Skin Care Line Next Month???

Aussie model and Victoria's Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr is launching her very own "organic" skin care line in Australia next month called "Kora" - named after a type of meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  Kerr is also the face of the VS PINK line that is said to be organic, but doesn't appear to contain any organic ingredients (but quite a bit of unfavorable ones).  Kora is set to hit shelves in Australia exclusively mid to end of October and advertising images reveal claims that the products are "100% organic". Since this news is just a few hours old (before a press release or website), it's hard to tell without being able to scope out the ingredient listings and see for ourselves. 

We're truly hoping that her products are filled to the brim with organic goodness, but we're not getting ahead of ourselves until we can peruse the ingredient decks and obtain more info. I'm sure it goes without saying writing that "100% organic" means every last drop must be organic (down to the preservative) and that is no small feat.  Here's hoping the products will have an organic cert from the Organic Food Chain Pty Ltd (Australia's equivalent of our USDA NOP standards) to back up the claim.  If you get your hands on the ingredients, please do share and if we find them, we'll be sure to post them here or add a link.  

What do you think?  Are you more inclined to buy a product that is endorsed by a celeb over one that isn't???  Do tell...

March 2010 Update: The KORA website is now up and I've had a chance to glance at the ingredients, which thankfully are listed on every single product page. While I didn't see any ingredients listed specifically as "organic" the ingredients actually look pretty good and nothing stands out as a huge red flag thus far.  Click here to see the site.  

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