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Giveaway :: $80 Nostalgia Organics Aromatherapy Body Balms + Organic Soap Sacks

"Our philosophy is simple. It's about integrity: good products made by a good company for good people. We want to do our part to make people happy and healthy and to make the earth a better place. So we do it through nurturing, artisan, organic beauty." ~Nostalgia Organics philosophy

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I stumbled upon Nostalgia Organics last December and thought their Aromatherapy Balms would make adorable stocking stuffers. The charm of this brand appeals to my sentimental side and I've never seen anything like it in the organic personal care world. It goes beyond the packaging though - the balms are one of the most moisturizing I've tried. In the middle of winter last year, when I was trying out all sorts of greasy balms + hand creams - I reached for these often and try to keep at least one pot in my bag at all times (these will make rough, dry hands silky smooth in seconds). Just recently Nostalgia switched from plastic to metal tins, which make them look and feel even more authentically vintage. The beauty of these is that no matter if you're 8, 18 or 80 - these products will make you smile.

I had a chance to give the Happy Days Bar Soap a spin this past June when they first launched and was surprised at how thick the bar was and how long it lasted making it a tremendous value. The scent was really mild, it produced a nice lather and I even used it as a face wash and shaving soap for several weeks (worked well by the way!). If you're crafty - you may appreciate the reusable sewing pattern on the inside of the label, but since I'm not so crafty I appreciate that its made of post-consumer recycled paper and printed with vegetable-based ink. And check out the thickness of these bars (love the way it fits in my hand):

It goes without saying writing that I'm a big fan of the ingredients too. You won't find a drop of petroleum, paraben, detergent, synthetic preservative, fake fragrance or artificial color in any of them. ( to my ears eyes).

As if that's not enough, Nostalgia Organics gives a portion of sales to the Beautiful Survivor volunteer program offering 100% natural, non-toxic skin care to women who are recovering from cancer to promote healing and self-confidence during and after their cancer treatment. This grass-roots initiative warms my heart since the disease has hit our family several times. It also makes me cringe to see a pink ribbon on a toxic, carcinogenic beauty product marketed to women as "helping find a cancer cure", but I digress....on to the happy stuff...

The gracious Elea Lutz, Owner + Founder of Nostalgia Organics is offering one of our lucky readers a prize worth $80 including the following products:

1). Dilly Dally Aromatherapy Body Balm (my personal favorite) $10 value

2). Butterflies Aromatherapy Body Balm $10 value

3). Plum Tired Aromatherapy Body Balm $10 value

4). Ruffles Aromatherapy Body Balm $10 value

5). Twirl Aromatherapy Body Balm $10 value

6). Happy Days Soap Sack $10 value

7). Lavender Flowers Soap Sack $10 value

8). Sweet Orange Soap Sack $10 value

Giveaway Details:

* PRIZE: 5 Organic Aromatherapy Body Balms + 3 Soap Sacks. $80 value.
* TO ENTER: Sign up for our emails if you aren't already, fill out our really short + easy form below, including your answers to the questions asked. Answers like "don't know" or "no idea" won't be entered into the contest-you've got to put a little effort in...afterall you are getting free stuff here peeps ;).
* MUST ENTER BY: Friday, October 2, 2009 at 8pm EST.
* PRIZE SHIPS: Directly from to U.S. and Canada only.
* DETAILS: One entry per person. Winners are selected using and will be announced on Saturday, October 3, 2009. Good luck to all!

+ The contest has ended and entry has been closed +

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