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For The Love Of Lemon :: 6 Invigorating + Hydrating Organic Beauty Treats You Should Know About ($5-$65)

+ Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil $28.95: Refreshing, hydrating and uplifting; this firms skin prone to wonder its a best-seller!

+ LuSa Lemongrass Ginger Bar Soap $5.45: Fresh, clean, energizing + totally affordable. Go naked (no box) and get it for just $4.85. Who said organic had to be expensive?

+ Terressentials Luscious Lemon Body Creme Push-Up $18.95: Reminiscent of a push-up pop from childhood, this is a lotion+balm in a stick. Ideal for travel as you won't have to worry if it will pass through security (I know from experience - on my last trip, had to throw out a $40 bottle of lotion at security that I forgot was in my bag...I was sooo bummed. Next time I'm packing a lotion stick!!).

+ Saaf Complexion Boosting Facial Serum $64.95: This product has a miracle use that isn't listed on the description. It can eliminate back-of-arm-red-bumps. About a year ago, after I had tried many other things to eliminate unsightly red and raised bumps that plague many women, I decided to apply it to my upper arms one night after a shower. After 1 week of not paying attention, all of the sudden I noticed the bumps and redness were gone! Will easily last 6 months which makes it totally worth it for the price. Delicious aroma of pure lemongrass and contains only highest quality ingredients. Read my Saaf Skin Care Founder interview her
e. The only place you'll find Saaf Skin Care in the U.S. is at

+ Nostalgia Organics 'Twirl' Aromatherapy Balm $10: Can organic get any more adorable? Nostalgia just switched to metal tins (instead of plastic) which makes them look and feel even more like they could've been around when your Grandma was a girl. I absolutely love the way this balm makes me hands feel (silky smooth) and the 100% organic plant aroma are 100% delightful. The scent is bright, cheerful and reminds us of lemon pie.

+ Dr. Bronner's Lemongrass Lime Body Wash $14.99: An affordable classic, Dr. B does it again with the most recent Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade additions to the line. Read our review here.

What are your lemony favorites???

TIP: When life (your skin) gives you lemons (breakouts), drink skin-clearing hot lemon water. Squeeze 1/4 fresh lemon juice into 1 cup hot water and drink first thing in the morning. Let this be the first thing you eat or drink. The cleansing effect has been known to banish breakouts and wake up your digestive system. (We notice spots decrease in less than 1 week).

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