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Bubble & Bee Announces USDA Organic Certification + New Rude Raspberry Lotion Stick + Lip Balm

Bubble & Bee Organic just announced they've received USDA Organic Certification (click here to find out what the requirements are) and announced two new Certified Organic products - Rude Raspberry Lotion Stick (100% organic) and Lip Balm (97% organic). Check out these four great deals they have going on until next Wednesday, 9/30/09:

#1) Bubble & Bee is giving away a Free "RUDE RASPBERRY" lip balm with every order placed until the end of this month. (You must add it to your cart.
Click here to get yours) But wait--there's more!

#2 Spend over $35 and you get BOTH the lip balm and lotion stick (Add this to your cart instead)

#3 Spend over $55 and get our new lip balm & lotion stick (Be sure to add this to your cart) PLUS use the promo code "whatadeal" at check out and get $5 dollars OFF your order! But wait -- there's still more!...

#4 Spend 65 bucks...get Free Shipping on top of it all!

If these two are anything like the other Bubble & Bee Organic lip balms (peppermint cocoa and root beer) and lotion stick (Chai Guy) we've tried, we're going to love them! And the great thing is that these are totally affordable + entirely pure products. Check it.

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