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New Favorite :: SwaddleDesigns Adorable and Organic Cotton Baby Products Review

Well here I am, back to blogging as a mother-of-two now. One week ago today I gave birth to one precious little girl and I am slowly entering the land of the living again. S and I have been enjoying some much overdue sister-time together and getting to know the newest girlie addition to our family. I am also back to typing with one hand, so my posts will be appropriately short and sweet for a while. I can't resist telling you about some favorite new baby products I'm getting to try out on my new little test subject though.

So, let me dive in and start gushing over the adorable, certified organic SwaddleDesigns blanket and hooded towel I have tried and loved. Along with my aden+anais muslin swaddling wrap, I packed an organic flannel swaddling blanket from SwaddleDesigns in my hospital bag last week. Between the two wraps, we needed nothing more to swaddle our tiny little bundle. The size is perfect for swaddling even a bigger baby and the weight allows for a very tight wrap (one that even our little Hudini has a hard time busting free from.) I love the simple and modern patterns - not too cutesy, not too plain. Just perfect.

My husband and I attempted our daughter's first bath at home tonight, which was a success despite the ear-piercing screams and flailing arms. We were set with our uber-soft and pesticide-free hooded towel to wrap and dry our little bundle in post-bath. Of course, she loved it. She loved it so much she pooped and peed all over it within minutes of being wrapped up. The organic Turkish Terry Velour quickly dries that soft baby skin and it's big size allows for adequate coverage to prevent post-bath chills. I love that something so cute can also be organic AND functional. I'm definitely going to be needing some more organic SwaddleDesigns in my life.

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