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Review :: Mukti Botanicals Certified Organic Skin Care Launched At Sephora Hong Kong Next Stop U.S.?!

I really can't believe its been six month since I stumbled upon this certified organic skin and body care line, but what's really unbelievable is that I was able to keep it from all of you for that long! This comprehensive organic skin care line can be found exclusively here in the U.S. in just a handful of spas. The majority of the products are certified by Australia's Organic Food Chain, which much like the USDA Certified Organic standard, means that 95% of the contents is of certified organic origin. Launched at Sephora Hong Kong this past February, the range is already well known in Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK and New Zealand. If you'd ask me, I'd say the U.S. is next on the list.

There are many things that grabbed my attention right off the bat about this brand and what first hit me came from their website, on their Our Commitment page. When I scanned down to find "We Avoid" and the first line read...wait for it..."Lies", I knew I may very likely be onto something. Sure, its one thing to claim it and another to actually live up to it, but the fact that they included that one word spoke volumes to me about how much they understand this industry. As you likely well know, the "organic" skin care industry is booming and claims are flying a million miles an hour vying for your attention and your dollars.

Mukti (mooktee) meaning Freedom and Liberation in Sanskrit, is not only the brand name, but Mukti Lloyd is the Formulator + Founder of Mukti Botanicals, who for the past ten years has dedicated herself to developing this unique range of products. She is a pleasure to communicate with and a wealth of knowledge with regards to the organic skin care industry and she carefully and patiently answers each of the questions I throw her way. After perusing the ingredients and asking questions about some, she sent an entire skin care regiment my way that I used for 1 1/2 months.

These products contain certified organic raw materials that are naturally derived including medicinal grade botanical extracts that are fortified with active and potent natural vitamins, antioxidants and therapeutic grade essential oils. Key ingredients include cold pressed Certified Organic Australian Macadamia Nut Oil and Certified Organic Australian Aloe Vera, which are highly compatible with the skin. Absolutely no synthetic preservatives are used, but instead their own innovative tea tree oil blend, citrus fruit extract and naturally occurring antioxidants.

My skin reacted very well to this line and left it glowy, hydrated and healthy. Below you'll find reviews for all the products I was sent to put to the test:

Cleansing Lotion :: This is for dry and/or aging skin and does not foam, but rinses nicely and leaves behind only hydrated skin. It smells of geranium {a huge plus for me} and the aroma is calming + pleasant. This feels like a true lotion, so if you are not used to or don't like using a lotion to cleanse with, perhaps take a look at their other cleanser options. This works well for removing eye makeup at night too.

Floral Hydrating Mist Toner :: A great chaser to the Cleansing Lotion and perfect prep for moisturizer, this herbal scented mist infuses my skin with moisture and I love throwing this in my bag on a hot day for spontaneous misting.

Nourishing Facial Creme :: For Normal, Dry or Sensitive Skin this lightweight cream is lightly scented, again smells predominantly of geranium and leaves my skin silky smooth.

Antioxidant Facial Oil :: Just what my skin needed at night as winter hung around long after it should have as did the drying effects on my skin. I used no moisturizer with this, but this was plenty ~ like a big drink of water for my skin at night. This has a slight nutty aroma which I'm sure has much to do with the exotic oils its comprised of. Great way to re~hydrate after a day spent in the sun! After washing my face at night, I add a drop of this to the back of my hand and dab either a Q~tip or washcloth in it to effectively and quickly remove eye makeup.

Rosehip Eye Gel :: This is hands~down my favorite of the bunch. I'm pretty picky about my eye gels/creams/lotions and this is a must~have ladies. Very cooling and seemed to "plump" my under eye area while also perfectly prepping over and under my eyes for makeup since it soaks right in. I only needed the tiniest drop of this as it went a very long way.

Bath + Shower Gel :: Produces a mild lather with a very subtle aroma.

Hand + Body Lotion :: My new favorite body lotion. Creamy, luxurious and smells like a baked citrusy dessert.

Find :: Mukti Botanicals website

Shop :: Only available online here {at least for now}

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