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NEW Organic and Chic Cookbook :: Cakes, Cookies And Other Sweets By Sarah Magid

I am not the baker in our family. My sister on the other hand is usually one to whip up a cake {amongst other things} from scratch and most recently spent over 5 hours crafting a birthday cake in the shape of a guitar for her son's second birthday party because he is obsessed with guitars. She also has the knack of altering a recipe so that it's a bit more healthy than the typical refined sugar/white flour variety.

Like us, Sarah Magid is from a sunny beachtown in California and where her love of the more natural things in life blossomed. Currently a resident of Brooklyn, New York, she is an organic baker and is committed to eating and feeding her family an organic diet, but not without sweet treats. She bakes custom cakes and sweets for weddings, parties, corporate events, and those who have a sweet tooth.

Her new book was published just last month and it's filled with gorgeous photos of delectable cakes, sweet treats and mouthwatering recipes like:

+ Red Velvet Love Cake frosted with Vanilla Whipped Buttercream and garnished with edible flowers

+ Vanilla~Bean Butter Cake filled with Sweet Chocolate Ganache and decorated with hand~sculpted butterflies

+ Minty Strawberry Shortcakes, celebrating the bounty of summer

+ Goldies, a tasty tribute to America's favorite cream~filled sponge cake

"There's nothing crunchy about these stylish desserts"

~ New York Times

Find :: Organic and Chic: Cakes, Cookies, and Other Sweets That Taste as Good as They Look

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