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Fig+Sage Sponsor + Exclusive Coupon Code :: speesees baby + kids organic cotton clothing

What can we say? It was love at first sight. It was probably two and a half years ago that we discovered this refreshingly hip + colorful line of organic cotton baby + kids clothing when one of us was expecting. We were on the hunt for cool baby clothes made of organic cotton, and let us tell you ~ it. wasn't. easy. It's no secret. Neither of us prefers predictable pink for girls or typical blue for boys {it's quite alright if you do, it's just not our preference}. Fresh, bright + fun is what we were on the hunt for and when we found speesees it was an absolute perfect fit!

We can't think of a single thing we don't adore about the company, the woman behind it, their fair trade initiatives, their support + use of organic cotton, and of course, their entirely adorable clothing line that just makes us happy.

The very first thing I bought my son before he was born, was a speesees bundler {they no longer carry it, but this kimono is very similar} and now he has several onesies {that he's grown out of but will be passed down to his sister, arriving in just a couple weeks), short sleeve and long sleeve tees, and a couple yoga pants that I love to dress him in {and boy does he get compliments!}. This super soft organic cotton blanket is his new favorite.

Good news for parents out there trying to count pennies {and who isn't, really?}! speesees has just recently + permanently lowered all their prices "in the spirit of sustainability + accessibility". And on top of that, you can save even more with our exclusive coupon code bubblegumalley {15% more to be exact}. So why did we pick bubblegumalley? Well, we thought it was a fun code name + it's also a bit of an odd attraction where we grew up. Google it and you'll see some interesting {albeit gross} pics...yes, Bubble Gum Alley is in fact a real place {germaphobes beware}.

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