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Sweet Pepita: Ultra Unique Super Hip Eco~Friendly Baby Onesies + Toddler Tees

I'm sure you know by now that we're partial to baby + kids clothing that is not run~of~the~mill, seen~it~on~every~kid attire; and we love it when it's eco~friendly and/or organic. So when I stumbled upon Sweet Pepita, a mama~owned + operated biz, who combines old tees with organic cotton, I got really excited and for good reason....just check out this cool band t~shirt made into a toddler tee for the mini hipster.

What a fabulous way to memorialize your old favorite t~shirt! You know, the one that's really worn and super soft because you've had it forever. It reminds you of a person, place or past life and you just can't bear to part with it. And if you've already packed it in a bag and sent it off to the thrift shop, you can make your way back there and score some vintage tees for pennies and send it off to Sweet Pepita who will custom make your very own t~shirt combined with your choice of organic cotton colors.

If you have a new one on the way or know someone who does who may appreciate something unique, personal and a bit retro...head to Sweet Pepita for some ultra~sweet eco attire for babes + toddlers.

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