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Summer Must Have :: Maoli Perfumes Colonia Dulce Organic Eau De Cologne {Review}

The story of Maoli Perfumes is a sweet one. Two brothers eighteen months apart grow up in Hawaii for the first six and seven years of their life before moving to the mainland. After growing quite homesick the two asked their mother if she could make them a cologne "that smelled like sunshine" and Maoli Perfumes was born.

I'm always surprised when I like a natural fragrance, because many just don't cut it for me and most the time I don't wear any. I'm sensitive to even some natural perfume and I'm picky about scents. When Colonia Dulce arrived in the mail, I dabbed it on my wrists right away because I can usually tell if I'm going to have a negative reaction fairly quickly. No negative reaction, but rather an instant flashback to the last time I was in Hawaii (too long ago). Tropical, sweet and floral, this organic eau de cologne is the first product from Maoli Perfumes.

"Inspired childhood memories of warm sand, sunshine and cool, fragrant tradewinds, Colonia Dulce is a joyful blend of sweet wild lime, juicy Ka'u Gold oranges, pink grapefruit, orange blossoms and hand picked pikake. Balmy notes vanilla, nuances of cacao, caramel and coconut milk never overwhelm but rather comfort with their delicate sweetness."

I'm loving this happy aroma for summer! Perfumes are personal, so you may want to try before you buy. Snag a sample for just five bucks plus score free shipping.

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