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Review :: Socially Conscious + Beautiful Sustainable Jewelry From The Andean Collection

I'm pretty minimalistic when it comes to jewelry, but since receiving my Earth Green Acai Necklace I'm absolutely loving it and its a perfect addition to the few pieces I already have. It's substantial with a heavier weight and longer length than most, which allows me to dress up a low~scooping plain tank top or low cut summer dress in an instant and I don't feel the need to wear other jewelry as it's enough on its own {except rings of course}. I've only had it just a couple weeks and compliments have already flooded in. This is a wonderful anchor piece and I now have my eye on several of the other colors like blue/natural, pollen and deep purple.

Amanda Judge, Founder + Creator of the The Andean Collection works with artisans in disadvantaged communities in Peru and Ecuador to create high fashion eco~friendly jewelry designs. Using sustainable materials indigenous to the rainforests of South America, using fair trade principles, these pieces help improve the lives of individual artisans and their communities in these areas. Love that! When you purchase jewelry from the Andrean Collection, you look good, feel good and do good! Love that!

:: The Andean Collection website

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