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Review :: Introducing Nostalgia Organics New Botanical Soap Collection

Totally charming and utterly adorable are the brand new bar soaps from Nostalgia Organics. Just opening the Happy Days bar soap package sent from the lovely Elea Lutz (Founder & Owner) was like opening a gift. She takes great care in how she mixes and pours each batch and uses only the finest ingredients. What's more is that the vintage~esque bag the bar is nestled into, can be used for all sorts of things afterwards, like using it for a sachet filled with dried lavender or rose petals to be tucked into a drawer. And if you're crafty, the inside of the label comes with a pattern so you can sew your own pin cushion (p.s. I'm not so crafty).

The bar itself is the perfect size square for holding with one hand and much more thick than most. It lathers really well leaving my skin hydrated, not stripped. And what a nice surprise to find that it works wonderfully for shaving! I have absolutely no razor burn thanks to its ultra emollient lather courtesy of organic vegetable oils. And this is a good value because it's long lasting and doesn't turn to mush in my shower. {I've been using it for a few weeks and I'm not even half way through it}.

I can think of many people and occasions that these soaps would make perfect gifts for. From kids to grandparents, hostesses to teachers, to a friend who just needs a little sunshine in her day, these don't need any additional wrapping and what a ultra cute way to let someone know you're thinking of them!

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