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Post Beach Or Bug Must Have :: Combat-Ready Balm {Review}

Sunburn and bug bites....ah the joys of summer! Luckily Combat~Ready Balm tackles both. More like a cream than a balm, this product is packed with healing, moisturizing natural and organic content. It's made by hand in very small batches and after using this for the past three months, this has reached favorite status in my house. My husband especially appreciates the masculine packaging and whenever it's gone missing from the bathroom, he tracks it down and hides it because it's the only thing that has brought relief from an annoyingly itchy and red skin rash. I've been using it to take the irritating itch out of mosquites bites.

Eleven years ago, in a small corner of the National Geographic Library in Washington, DC, Combat~Ready Balm was born. Skincando's President, Sara Damelio was an intern there and worked part time at a high end beauty boutique and began researching ingredients and what other cultures used to heal skin ailments (her particular issue was acne). The expensive skincare products she was using from the boutique were making her acne worse (and we're not talking the cheap stuff, we're talking Creme de la Mer and the like). After spending many lunches pouring over books in the quiet corner of the library, Sara decided to become an Esthetician and go into the beauty business full~time and 1000 batches later, Sara had created what she calls "a cream of perfect consistency". She begin giving and selling it to family, friends and clients and it was an instant hit.

In 2005, the wife of a military service member asked Sara to send some Combat~Ready Balm to her husband who was stationed in Iraq who was suffering from extreme sunburn and bug bites. Within just two weeks, the husband wrote to her asking for more "magic balm". 140+ degree heat, sandstorms and sadistic sand fleas are just a few of the things they face daily. If you'd like to donate this wonder balm to a servicemember and contribute to Operation Sand Flea, click on over to and learn how. Check out just one of the hundreds of letters Sara has received:

"How do I find out who is donating Combat~Ready Balm to the troops? I ask because my platoon's current location in Iraq must be the sand flea holy land. We are at our wits end and going crazy due to being bitten 10 to 20 times nights and nothing is working."

~SSG Coy, Michael
Task Force Scorpion

There are so many uses for Combat~Ready Balm including dry skin, sunburn, windburn, diaper rash, radiation burns from cancer treatments, decreases acne inflammation, bug bites and helps heal minor cuts and abrasions.

A few more testimonials about the wonders of this balm:

"The balm got here right in time as three of my Marines got pretty bad sunburns and one actually had blisters on his neck. He used the lotion for like three days straight three times a day and it worked wonders. Your product is amazing."

~SGT Josef Surunis
Stationed in Ramadi, Iraq

"Your Combat~Ready Balm is far superior for treating diaper rashes than other ointments. I have had many patients try numerous creams and then when they try your balm, the diaper rash clears within a few days. It is hard to keep in stock!"

~Dr. Lara Corbett
OB/GYM, Charleston, SC

"It's healing. It's restorative. It stops itching and burning. I have never seen one cream that does it all. I recommend it without reservation."

~Dr. Virginia Barlow, Medical Director
CC Memorial Hospital, Coudersport, PA

But that's not all they make! Skincando also happens to make one of my new favorite lip balms, Combat~Ready Lip Balm; it's minty fresh and reminds me a lot of the ever~popular, non~organic, lip balm housed in the infamous yellow tube. I cannot believe how long this lip balm stays on! At least 5 hours per application (depending on what you're doing). And that makes the price totally worth it because it seems many other lip balms need to be re~applied every hour or so. This lip balm isn't marketed as waterproof, but I'm going to call it so. Though I haven't taken a swim with it on, I have worn it in the shower and when I wash my face and water just beads off of it.

File both of these in "Summer Must~Haves" and then go get thyself some and/or donate a jar to help Skincando get to their goal of 1000 donated jars by July 4th (they're already at 600 jars)!

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