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Review :: Tsi~La Misaki 100% Natural 96% Organic Perfume

Chances are that if you're a Fig+Sage fan, you're also aware of my sensitivity to scents. I used to believe just those of the synthetic variety affected me, but the more I test natural and organic personal care products, the more it becomes clear that even plant-based aromas can get to me. With that in mind, there is one brand that is my favorite and their handcrafted natural + organic perfumes don't affect me {negatively} one bit.

My favorite perfumes come from Tsi~La Organics, specifically Ilang Ilang and Fiori D'Arancio but after having tried their brand new 96% organic fragrance Misaki, it's officially on my list and currently on my wrists. It's comforting and feminine and a little birdy tells me that it's in the process of becoming Tsi~La's first certified organic perfume.

"Misaki Eau de Parfum is a seductive and inviting organic fresh lavender fragrance. French lavender, warm tea, Sicilian bergamot, crushed mint, green tree moss, Tahitian vanilla orchid, and delicate neroli nectar infused with flower extracts to create a gentle organic fragrance saturated in tranquility."

Their flower perfumes combine the antioxidant benefits of organic goji berry, persimmon + red tea with moisturizing honey and only the world's finest essential oils, exotic butters and plant resins are used. The artisan sized batches are poured into utterly feminine glass jars that any woman would want in her bathroom or handbag. Whether you're into flowery, citrusy, musky or earthy, chances are you'll find something just right for you in Tsi~La's lovely collection.

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